66 on the BTN

    • xy736m
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      I had around 12 000 chips and 66 was dealt to me. The blinds were 300/600 and everyone folded to a tight player on the CO who went all in for 6 000. I decided to fold because in the best case scenario he will have two over cards( I dont think he was bluffing) We were on the final table(7 players left) and the SNG was Turbo.
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    • pzhon
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      Usually you should fold 66 there, but note that a player who has been tight before might have a wide range for pushing 10 bb. The best-case scenario is that you catch the CO pushing a hand like 44 or 65. Do you think the CO would open-fold 44 with a 10 bb stack? How about A5? You should put the player on a range of hands, and not try to guess whether it is a coin flip. Again, usually the conclusion should be to fold 66 there.

      You should try to have the stack sizes for the blinds as well as the other players at the table since these can affect how much you are risking if you push over the short stack's push, and how much strength to read from the push. If there is a very short stack which is about to hit the blinds all-in, and the money goes up after 1 player is eliminated, then another short stack who goes all-in should be given a tighter range.