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Tell Us Your Story, Win a $215 Ticket to PartyPoker Pokerfest

    • KMMorten
      Joined: 02.02.2011 Posts: 898
      Pokerfest at PartyPoker is just around the corner, and we're giving away a $215 ticket to the $300,000 Guaranteed Event #1 just by submitting your favourite PartyPoker story in this thread.

      The story can be about anything, just as long as it's PartyPoker related - a great tournament run, a sick hand, an exhausting bonus to clear, a tilt session, etc.

      • Submit your story to us by Tuesday, October 18
      • Our top 5 favourite will be announced on Wednesday, October 19
      • Vote for your favourite story - voting closes on Thursday, October 20

      Requirements: You must have a tracked PartyPoker account created via If you do not have one yet, create one now.

      Get your thinking cap on and let your storytelling skills shine!

      For a complete schedule of Pokerfest, click here.

  • 32 replies
    • Scaletta
      Joined: 24.03.2011 Posts: 235
      Cool! But how long should the story be?
    • jpcool
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 116
      where can i send my story?
    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Originally posted by Scaletta
      Cool! But how long should the story be?
      There is no real limitation, depends on how long the story itself is I would say :)
      It can be 1-2 lines or even 300-400 words - up to you really.

      Originally posted by jpcool
      where can i send my story?
      Please post your story in this thread.
    • blax41
      Joined: 12.12.2009 Posts: 52
      Okay here comes my story.

      How to tilt:
      Like 1 year ago when I had a poker mania and I just played poker for fun and didnt really know anything about it, I had the best tilt session of my life.
      So after losing QT hand on a AJK flop (he had KK and he rivered another J) I went on tilt mode and went all-in on every hand that I got (4 tabling NL25). So after like 20 hands of allins I was up like 140$. So after this amazing tilt experience I really started to learn about poker and guess what, I haven`t gone broke since that day and I keep on growing that bankroll now.
    • THESHade
      Joined: 25.03.2010 Posts: 5,418
      One lovely and sunny day I woke up at 11 AM, checked a forum, have a breakfast, checked what I have (not) won in The Big Draw and .....(fast forwarding) .... at 7PM I decided to have a seassion. I opened up the lobby, looked at 100NL tables, DEAD... all right, wtw, seassion can wait... then I checked 200Nl tables and something ubnormal was happening there ... it seems that I oculd find at least 5 fishy tables running ...
      I joined the waiting lists and contemplating if I should take a shot. I also joined some 100Nl tables. My 1st 200Nl table opened and it seems like I have fish 2 seats to my left, BINGOOO. I wait for 4 tables to start so I can start playing. I played till 1 AM with breaks of 6-9 mins in between (irregularly cause I felt excitement and time flew fast)
      1 hour in I was playing only 200NL tables.
      some cliffs from the seassion
      1st hour
      -feeling pretty comfortable, didnt lose a stack at 200NL (or at least not at once)
      2nd hour
      -busted 1 or 2 fish, felt good, tables were surprisingly good
      2nd hour
      -BIG aggro Finnish fish at 2 tables.
      -Him running hot
      -me running hot
      3rd hour
      -300bb+ deep at 3 tables and at each table there was eaither this aggro fish w bigger stack than me or a weird bad reg.

      4th hour
      - 1k bucks at 1 table and close ot that at another.
      -200bb bluff worked vs a reg.
      -fish refuses to play many pots vs me when we were that deep
      -fish busting is stack adn then run it up to 500bbs again in matter of seconds
      5th hour
      -tired, decided to 2table tables with the fish
      -fish was scared to play with me, I was scared ot play fish 500bb deep esp at new limit
      -2nd hour of chatting with the fish to keep it happy
      -Fish got drunk, fish liked me and flamed another guy
      -I won a stack form the fish, fish got angry with me, didint like me and refused to play almost any pots with me, tried to paly for another half an hour
      -> quit cause I was super-tired and I alrdy played badly last hour (wanted to cooler the fish for 500bbs -. GREEEDY
      , luckily, Karma didnt strike :D

      So my 1st long seassion at 200Nl and already I had to deal with 200bb deep play, picking up bluffs, bluffing, not knowing what to do in certain spot and feeeling like crap if the wrong River comes . Thnx god I ran rather hot, weeee :D
      I feel that my run will return after 20th October so I can ship the tourney :f_cool: and return to 200NL, right Vhalee? Hadi? Ingy? Korn? anyone? please?
      thnx :heart: :heart: :heart:
    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      My party poker story so far :) Played some nl2...played some more nl2...can't seem to beat nl2...screamed and shouted at monitor...still breaking even....sucked out to fish..tilted roll on nl50...spent a sleepless night thinking about where I went wrong...woke feeling refreshed with a new plan of attack...played some Nl2...played some more Nl2...lost again, tilted and blew my roll...screamed and shouted at the monitor...wife says she wants a divorce due to my constant obsession with online up for sale...playing more nl2...think I may have cracked nl2....another bad day at nl2 :( gone now, playing in internet cafe...................I can feel an upswing coming :D

      Roo ( the partypoker animal) :D
    • yeokmatey
      Joined: 05.03.2010 Posts: 25
      My Partypoker story so far.

      Bankrole management the Raszi approach.

      i started playing seriously on party poker around the start of September after reading nearly every article on pokerstrategy possible for a bronze player. I cant explain how badly i wanted to get to silver/gold. So much so that after playing around about 3 weeks of 2NL i decided to adopt a more agressive approach to bankrole management. With my $120 bankrole i started short stacking the 25nl tables for $7.50 this for me went extremely well coming to end of september / beginning of October and having a bankrole of $270 i had reached not just silver but gold status being extremely happy and having alot of new articles to read. before every session i would sit down and devour new video's and articles this was great before i found someones blog which had a link to Rasvi's Poker static hot seat interview link here

      amazing interview but wow did it get me randy. being the natural born gambler i am after watching his interview all i had in my head was $300 dollers to 150k. that was me well and truly hooked like this fish i am :|

      i decided to roll with me i thaught lets do this lets just have no bankrole management at all lets just sit at a table with the lot and go for gold.

      now this approach had its ups.

      and then the inevitable down :(

      i didnt manage to grab a screenshot of the down because i left the table to quick to sum it up $3/$6 Pocket Kings 4 limpers i raise in CO to 40 flop comes King high with a diamond flush draw it all goes in on the flop $1400 pot and the dreams over.

      i am LE BROKE! but i learnt a extremely valuable lesson so a big thank you to mr Rasvi for the inspiration but with my new deposit of £20 i will stick with proper bankrole management and never EVER sway again lol thanks for reading and thats my partypoker story so far lets hope its a fairytale ending :)
    • jpcool
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 116
      first of all I will appologize for my grammar and spellings iam not really good in writing. :D
      so my story is about my past and present experiences in poker and also about me.

      I played poker for quite long time ago. My account have been busted for a couple of times due to tilting and bad bankroll management and i quit for almost 2 years of playing poker. for a couple of months ago i started playing play money and got bored, so a begun playing freeroll at Party poker.I win a couple of times the the cents i won i begen to saving it up until, it reached 60c and started playing at no limit micros and the money gradually grow up 10$ but i have spend to many hours growing it cause of bad beats, the money has grown back and forth wining and losing :( . its been almost 15000+ hands I havent moved up a limit so I deposited 25$ I now can enter the game with 2$ at .02/0.4 level with goodbankroll management plan. iam now up to 30000+ hands with all that play involve I still cannot break the 40$ barrier cause of bad beats some player all ins pair 66, or pair 5, or even jack,ten wins against my aa,kk,qq preflop sometimes I folded pair jacks preflop all ins just to save money. being a winner is hard, i know time will come il win. this is about my play.
      But the root of my story is.

      Dreaming and fantasizing on how to be a Winner.
      Sometimes while playing or even not playing Poker, I cannot Stop thinking on how to be a winner sometimes I dream of winning a hand with , many caller with big pots, involve so i win money, and try to moving up a higher limit and them crushing that limit. and them moving up to another and then another until iam playing 1k buy ins 1$/10$ level. but the master of master of dreaming and fantasizing, is even iam still at the micros i win the bad beat jackpot at Party Poker, really the big bad beat jackpot kind for ex. like 35% of 300k- 500k jackpots. iam having so many bad beats while playing poker maybe its time i win the king of bad beat jackpot . for ex. hands like 4 players go all ins preflop with enough rake of 50c, my hand is QQ against my opponents KK,AA,AA, Flop Q-Q-k, turn K,-Rivercard ?, Bingo i win the jackpot, dream hand came true. iam not ashamed of dreaming and fantasizing to be a winner. Cause deep in my heart i know all players wanted to win.Correct me if iam wrong iam not the only one having this dream. cause i know out there is a dreamer wannabe somebody like me, Wanna make it big playing poker in Party Poker.i hope my story will inspire some people to keep dreaming big.
      who knows one day maybe it will came true :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: . thats all folks my story ends here, thank you for reading my story.

      dont forget plz vote for my story jpcool hugs kisses :s_love: :s_love: :s_love:
    • Takiozi
      Joined: 24.04.2008 Posts: 24
      Some call it...

      "The 1 in a life-time"

      But for me it's just - Royal Flush

      It started as a rough evening...I lost 6 sit 'n' go tournaments in a row...and I was waiting for my losing streak to end. I decided to stop playing and try again tomorow.

      The next day i woke up as usual...made my morning cofee (I love me some cofee :s_love: ) and registered for another 6 man SNG

      I fold my first hand...

      And then I get A K :club: well ok I call, SM call's, BB raises

      Then I try to scare him a bit :f_biggrin: , but no luck :f_o: - he call's

      Next card he re-raises me - "ok" I think - thats nothing, just 80 chips :s_cool:

      Then comes the QUEEN and I'm like ....... OH WOU I got a straight :) :) wait - a FLUSH!!!! :) :) ...........!!!!!!!!!!!!...............OH MY PARTYPOKER GOD........ROYAL FLUSH.........10 J Q K A :club:

      So thats my best poker story :) thanks all who read it to the end and good luck at the tables :f_p:

    • ihufa
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 3,323
      cool stories bros
    • JBCD71
      Joined: 21.08.2008 Posts: 146
      Hello everyone just wanna tell my story of winning the CNPTL tourney on Party Poker it was a winner take all tourney with a package.From the begining i knew it was my tourney to lose.Guess what? I wasnt about to let that happen!In the middle of the tournament i was thanking God for the oppurtunity and everything.I was not gonna lose ..not that day.Throughout the tournament i was playing well making good decisions and bad ones,but having lady luck on my side when bad ones came out to be good ones when i sucked my opponent out on the river.It came to be heads up after over three hours.It was a battle going in.My opponent was up 3 to 1 in chips over me.It didnt phase me one bit,for i never give up or surrender till the last chip is gone.I turned the tables near the end of the tournament and i was up just over 2 to 1 in chips. Enough to put my opponent all-in.I had ace -queen and my opponent had ace-four suits didnt matter here.The flop came and was ace-four-jack.I was a little upset in this spot ,cause i knew i put it all-in good and he hit his four to take the lead.The turn came and it was a king.I now had a straight possiblity needing a ten on the river.I also had more outs if the board paired with the king or queen on the river giving me the win.All together there was ten outs.The dealer flipped the river and it was a ten giving me the win with the srtaight.I was so eccstatic.I have never played live before or even tryed to see how my skill holds up against live players.Now winning the package i have a oppurtunity to play live.I look forward playing live for the first time and showing my skills at the table after winning the package.On the Road to Victory! JBCD71 is my screen name at Party Poker AKA Johnny ACES Cabral see you at the tables.
    • GoldenGomez
      Joined: 19.11.2009 Posts: 83
      I've been playing poker for a long time now... A few years, but I don't know exactly how many. Let's say I've been playing poker for 4 years now. I haven't been able to go up to the big limits yet because of bad management I guess, but my game overall has improved significantly since I've joined I had played a lot of tournaments, online and live, and I've had my share of cashes. I also try to sharpen my game during cash games, but that doesn't really matter in this story.

      My best feat in a tourney had been a 7th position in a 4.5k field on pokerstars. I took down something like 85$ in a 1$ buy-in tourney. After that... small cashes, but nothing big. Then I started using a bonus on partypoker and tried another 1$ tourney. That was about a year ago. This time, the field was of roughly 600 players, but there were a load of rebuys and the pool had grown over 1k. I managed to get to the future table with an average stack, and that's when lady luck came in. I was dealt AQ and committed my whole stack before the flop against one of the big stack's AK. I hit a queen on the turn and took a very confortable chip lead. I remember I was the first player to reach the 1 million chip mark. I never looked back after that hand and went on to win my first ever MTT, taking down 280$ for the victory.

      I haven't been able to repeat the win in other big tournaments but I keep improving my game because I want to build a bigger bankroll. Hopefully, the second win will come before 2012! :)

      EDIT (16/10/2011) : I just went deep in another tournament! Proof that you only need a chip and a chair, 3 hours in, I found myself with 1 big blind left and I almost won the tournament. I almost had it but got unlucky on the last hand and finished 2nd. I ended up cashing 527.27$ in a 6$ buy-in tourny!

      Guess where it was.... Partypoker again!

      I'm really starting to love this site!
    • AshuCarcotashu
      Joined: 01.03.2010 Posts: 5
      ok i'd start by tellinng that i've been plaing poker for like 2-3 years (not winning so much :( ) but this setember partypoker offerd me a really nice vacation did it happend???... a boooooring day,i came from work ..waht can i do ..ohhh i know lets play a tournament, so i started plaing light some freerolls on partypoker...i was amazed got my AA run down by 87 unsuited and lost a lot of hands that i should have won... just one bad beat after another....nothing interesting.. so i got tilted( really mad X( ) shut down my pc and went to a local club plaing live tournaments...and the luck hit me :D ) :] won that day like 500$... thats a lot of money for me considering that i work a hole month for 200$,the next day i spoke with my boss and got 1 week of vacation and went with my girlfriend 5 marvalous days in montenegro(where by the way i won a nother tournament at their casino buy-in 10 bucks, came first winning 320 $ ) so thats how PARTYPOKER gave me 5 beautiful days on the sunny beach of montenegro ... and Thnak you PARTYPOKER for that!!! hmmmmmm just 1 second ... i got my account on partypoker through pokerstrategy so gues i should be thanking u to :D
    • lori0502
      Joined: 06.01.2009 Posts: 24
      My story starts when Full Tilt poker was suspended :f_mad: . I was a regular there on NL10 :f_cool: , had like 450-500$ my game was pretty good there, but i didn't invested any time on learning and analyzing my game. So Full Tilt was suspended and i had only 12$ on moneybookers which i deposited on Party poker, and i sow a NL10 table whit 7$ average pot , and i went fishing whit 10$. Played like 10 hands there and the fish won my 10$ :f_cry: . So i went to NL2 whit my 2$ and started to build my bankroll. Had a 60bb/100 average there and i also won like 50$ in the pokerstrategy weekly depositors freeroll, and my bankroll went up to 90$ and i moved to NL4 and the downswing came, my bankroll went down to 20$ and thats when i started to analyze my game and watch some videos, and i started to win again. When i reached 110$ i moved up to nl10 to clear a 100$ bonus. Now i have 550 still on NL10 and i am really satisfied whit my game.
      Long story sort i went from 2$ to 550$ in 2 months(30.000 hands)
    • lennyCro
      Joined: 22.04.2010 Posts: 78
      I woke up early that morning, i remember it was raining like hell so I realized i will spend that day at home. I wanted to play poker but didn't have $ to deposit.
      So I turned PartyPoker on and found 40c on it. I was pissed off because minimum BI for NL2 was 60c.
      After stumbling the tables, limits and categories of games I have found that I can sit on a FL table with my 40c. So i sat there and waited for descent hand to cash some cents :D . And I entered one 5-way hand with 78s. Few seconds later board gave me the chance to almost double my stack with straight flush against 3 players (one of them had also flush to A :D ).
      And so I got out that table with 82 cents which was enough to enter NL2 table: 6max table with one fish waiting for someone to give him his 1,2$ :f_frown: . And I took'em :D I waited for him to rebuy but i think it was his last :(
      I was so happy after I built my BR from nothing that I decided to turn off a PartyPoker for some time and go eat something. While eating, idea came to my mind. I will enter some tourney for 1$. I knew it was totally against BRM but what a hell, I want to play poker and those 2$ is all i have. So I lately entered 1$ $750Gtd/R+A on PP (blinds level 15min which will give me enough time to wait good hand to build my stack). And after I dunno 5 hours of play i have this situation:
      //this is only screenshot I got :(

      And I have finished that tourney 5th place for about 70$.
      After that I was really tired because I played that tourney for more than 6 hours but was soooo happy that i had to enter some STTs just to see is that my lucky day or what.
      I played just three 4-table 3$ 6max sessions in which i earned 23$ more.

      So this was my story and a tutorial how to make almost $100 from 40c on PartyPoker in one day. :s_cool:
    • Saruniks
      Joined: 30.08.2010 Posts: 1,213
      I registered on PartyPoker and made a lot of money.

      I bet I will win voting if my story will get through pokerstrategy team.
    • davels36
      Joined: 23.09.2009 Posts: 25
      well that was at partypoker pokerstrategy 10k$ freerool
      i had good run and very close to itm and then my pc just make restart
      i was very angry
      of angry i take adjacte key and trow of the monitor
      and kabumm .................
      all swearwords explode
      monitor left there was only one quad
      everywhere else was just scratches

      and finly load partypoker
      now had only one chance to dont get a shit,get a money for monitor
      and after 3hours and little tilt i had god luck and i get about 300$
      thas mean i get better monitor and some cash for poker :)
      thats my cool story :D
      sor about english
    • hgypoker
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 3,040
      A few moths ago I entered a promotion of PartyPoker and PokeStrategy where I got a chance to chat with Tony G. I was the only one to opt in, so it wan't hard to win. :s_cool:
      It was a good experience as Tony G is a really nice fellow.

      I won the promo by sending in a picture of me and my 6 weeks old son playing poker on PartyPoker. I definetly played like a nit and it bored my kido to sleep. :)

      I hope to win again. :f_biggrin:
    • valo111
      Joined: 07.06.2011 Posts: 48
      I receive email from my friend who refer me to be a part of Pokerstrategy,i made account on Pokerstrategy and i pass the quiz.
      Than i decide to make account on Party Poker and play there,after 1-2 days i receive my free starting capital.
      I was playing 2 weeks with 50$ were i got good hands and make 250$,few days ago i lost all. After that i saw the Pokerstrategy promo,"deposit and play on 10k freeroll ,i deposit 50$ already lost that money for few hours but i played that Tournament .I deposit after 2 days again 130$ lost again 100$ lost and finally i deposit 70$, were i won more than 1.2k for just 5 days and i cash out from Party Poker 750-800$ for just one week ,it was really good.I lost my last $450 playing PLO 5$-10$ it was really mistake playing that higher limit with that bankroll but that's poker.
      Im not active more than 45 days ,but if i win this chance to play on this tournamet i hope i will win some cash on tournament and play again in cash tables :) .
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