Hey guys,
Im an active member of the dutch comunity, posted this over there as well but didn't get very much feedback. Hope you can help me out. Sorry if my english is a bit off!

The issue is the following:
I 4-bet AK and the fish flats my 4bet. Now we stand on the flop with air (no A/K on the F) and what will we do next (started the hand like 100bb deep).

Most fishes fold like <25% to 4-bets making his range (if het 3-bets like 30%) like broadways/PP's and some SC's. If I cbet like 50% pot, I'm getting in an akward situation if the fish just calls. If he ships i will have to call because of my need of 25% equity while I have 24,6% vs a pair and 26,5% vs a pocketpair, he might also shove overcards some % of the time.

Giving him this range, i thought of the following:
9hi/paired flops, I'm ahead of his range. I can bet/call or ch/raise dependant on the type of villian. If he is agressive i can do the second one.
If he calls the flop then I should probably ch the T back, because the FE will be below 33,3%.

T/J/Qhi F hits his range to good and we won't be able to get above 33,3% FE based on this range. We can only give up here. I'm not sure what to do if like 2 of these cards come up. We won't get very much FE but we have more equity because of our gutter, so if he shoves we can call against his range. I think 2nd barreling would't be smart here.

I dont know if my thought proces is right here. If villians 3-bet/4-bet callingrange is tighter I don't think we can do much without a hit. Also if we are deeper then 100BB we can't make a play without a hit. Less then 100BB allows us to shove more flops i think.

Other options i thought of versus those specific fishes:
- 4-bet like 3,5x his 3-bet so we can shove allmost every F.
- If we hit our A/K on a dry flop, not cbetting, but ch/calling T/R or bet T if he checks that as well.
- don't 4bet AK (but i think well loose value if we dont, because he'll call lots of dominated hands)

Really want to know what you guys think!