Rakeback on FTP

    • Dykiller
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      Ok, so I got this e-mail saying I got 7.20$ rakeback.

      I see the Transaction in my History BUT. I am 99.99% sure I did not get any money.

      The fact is that my bankroll is low and I easily remember at which point I am. And I know I was already at that number before the 7.20$


      Maybe im just crazy, but its just 7$ anyway...

      Im just wondering if I am the only one ?
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    • darkonebg
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      lol....dont you keep track on your account balance from time to time?
      Actually, the transfer has two stages : PROCESSING and APPROUVED, if you are on the APPROUVED and 100% sure you didnt just waste them on a bluff :D ,
      you should ask FTP about it...
    • ManniXXX
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      Got it yesterday too, my balance was empty so it was pretty easy to track ;)

      Recieved without problems. Most likely an oversight on your part, especially if it's in your transaction history.

      Check your tracker stats for cash games and an online tracker for tournaments, make sure you haven't bet something and then forgot about it :P
    • SoyCD
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      Hi Dykiller,

      If it is in your transaction history, you will have gotten the money.

      If you received the money while you were playing it could easily have happened that you simply did not notice - and that a losing session was suddenly turned positive, or a winning session made even more 'winning'.

      If you are really really sure about not having received it, you can of course contact Full-Tilt. But if it is in your transaction history, you will have received it.

      Best regards,