Elphant for Hand Evaluation Only

    • UdaGuru
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      I was thinking of downloading the Elephant but the poker site i play on (smaller site) does not support HUD and other poker tracking software. ( Im an american player so im not able to play but a limited number of sites.) My question is, even though the site doesnt allow HUD etc. but im still able to save my hand history to a file on my computer, will i still be able to use Elephant to help filling the leaks in my game ? ( Hand Review, tracking tendencies etc.) Thanks in advance for your time and help..
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey UdaGuru,

      this could work out, in case you are playing on a poker room that's part of the iPoker network.

      Alltough this is not officially supported, it's possible to import iPoker handhistories for analyzing purposes.

      Just give it a try and report back. :)

      Anything else then iPoker poker rooms will not work.