Don't play when tired!

    • raven39
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      I have only been playing and learning for a month or so but already I am learning that sometimes you can try too hard and practice too much. for example: Two nights ago, I took part in a Freerole NL tournament with 12,000+ other pker nuts. I had been reading up on Strategy, playing in two other mini tournaments and also on or two $0.01/0.02 cash games during the day. (I am obviously well and truelly hooked). Anyway, I started the tourney, determined to get through to the money, if I could. I did. I finished in 661st position and won a whole $0.07 I was extatic. I had come in the top 5% and had only exited then by playing a hand I had no business playing and refused to put down even when I KNEW I was being suicidal!
      I then played in a further tourny a few minutes later...and was wiped out within minutes, for playing like an idiot. I acted as if I had never read a single word of strategy. A complete novice! I was tired.
      That was then.
      Last night, I decided to do better. I still read up on strategy, still played a few cash games during the day and still did well in the big tourny, this time finishing 111th out of 6,063 players (top 2%), and winning a further $0.07. I was confident or is it competent enough to recognise that I had played 6 seperate hand badly during those hours of play and can even remember the cards, my position on the table and what I did wrong. I was again, very pleased with myself. (What is it they say goes before a fall?).
      So I went on to another tournament...and was wiped out within minutes, then to a cash game, and was cleaned out in minutes; again playing hands which I had the wisdom to know I shouldn't, the skill to lay them down but a total inability to do anything other than act like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights.

      Don't play when tired! Don't play when tired! Don't play when tired!
      I am saying it to myself now...all day long!
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      Hey raven39,

      Nice post! :s_thumbsup:

      It is very important to be fully alert when sitting at the tables imo and it is something that I am sure a lot of other members will agree with you on.

      Playing when tired/unfocused is rarely going to end well or +EV. The edge in Online Poker nowadays is so little that it is really important for us to be playing when we are fully fit to do so.

      All the best,
    • Gloryne
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      Hello fellow poker player..

      Yeah, stupid playing when tired or bored has happened to me also several times, so I sing along with you..

      Don 't play when tired or bored!
      Don 't play when tired or bored!
      Don 't play when tired or bored!

      Nice.. :D
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      Realy never playing when im tired. If we go out on friday and we drink couples of glases :) ... then the next day will defentily be the rest day. If im not focus and concentrate to game its useless to play.


    • ghaleon
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      Yep don't play when tired. Yesterday checked one of sng table(5 handed): "Nice I have 33 in SB --> Shove! BB folded and moneys... are not coming to me?! Oh damn nit UTG has open raised and called with AQ."

      Lost that flip, but would have never tried resteal in that spot with 33...
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      So true!