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MTT SnG player Downswinging, mostly 180 man

    • essjay
      Joined: 11.03.2011 Posts: 1

      Suffering from a bit of a downswing, and I am trying to play through it, I accept that they are part and parcel of variance in poker, also sure I have some leaks to plug.

      Really I am here looking for other players input and experience on what they did to help themselves through it.

      About me, and how i got to posting here; I watch videos, I see my spots and similar come up, so can consider I am playing right. I check results when I busto in SnG Wiz I'd say 90% of the hands I play when reviewed are exactly optimal according to it, and the others where they are wrong decisions really really close (66 shoving and wiz says 77+ etc). Getting harder and harder to capitalize on spots when they come up because of the bad run and lack of confidence. I have a friend who sweats me often who would tell me if I was playing poor, and he said he is frustrated for me that results just aren't going my way and not getting fair results, recommended I post on forums asking for advice.

      I am even thinking that optimal strategy doesn't apply to $2.50 180 mans, and I should perhaps tighten up some. Opinions and advice welcome.

      Wondering if its just a case of...

      [ ] SAMPLE SIZE!

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    • EasyOnEAS
      Joined: 16.08.2010 Posts: 59
      Originally posted by essjaySuffering from a bit of a downswing, and I am trying to play through it, I accept that they are part and parcel of variance in poker, also sure I have some leaks to plug.
      This pattern I experienced so many times myself, and seen many others experiencing it as well. You run good at your first games then after having made some profit you usually start to fall drastically.

      The fact that you are talking about playing through the downswing makes you sound like you assume it will continue. That could be your subconsciousness talking since you its realizing that the software has turned against you.

      You know, anything that has happened before doesnt matter at all if the the deal is random. You are not in a downswing, it is behind you.

      I know you will probably distance from what I am saying since its obvious what I am implying. But just play the game and see for yourself.
    • sufix645
      Joined: 20.09.2009 Posts: 519
      first of all.. its not even a big one (believe me) there will be always bigger downswings than you experiencing right now IF you continue playing the game..

      second.. its just a game. Its about right decisions. if you done all right - big deal, thats just money. You dont have to worry about that. Money will take care itself if you are good enough. Your part is just right decisions at every moment.

      third.. things that happened already you just cant change. The worst you can do is to start thinking about things that you couldn't change and still did and now think like "ohh shit, why it is happening with me" At the end everything goes in the right direction whether its good (if you are good enough) or.. not that good. Its all up to you in the long term.