Road to Victory!

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      Hello everyone i am writing my story today in regards to winning a CNPTL Final Package on Party Poker this year.There was apporximately 139 players in the tournament.In order to win the package you must win the tourney.From the start of the tournament i knew it was mine to lose and for someone to take it away from me,guess what? I wasnt about to let that happen! Through out the tourney i was thanking God for the oppurtunity and everything.Then it was heads up.I was down 3 to 1 in chip stacks.I knew i had a hill to climb,but i never surrender till my last chip is gone.At one point in heads up ..i was down to almost no chips.Then miracalously staged a comeback from almost nothing.It came down to me going all in with a little more chips than my opponent and would place him all in as well if he were to call.I had ace -queen and my opponent had ace -four.The flop was ace-jack-four.I was upset this happened of course as you could understand cause i knew i put it all in good and my opponent hit his four.But it wasnt over till the river was dealt.The turn came and it was a king.I had some more outs now for the straight needing a ten,plus pairing the board would give me the win.As long the river was not a jack i was ok.Cause i didnt want a chop,with the king being higher than my queen.The dealer flipped the river and it was a ten.I never been so eccstatic.This is somethin i am proud of and hope of bigger things to come for me.Never played live in any tournaments to see if my skill transfers from online to live tournaments.Now i have the oppurtunity to see if it does.I dont see why not.Well on the Road to Victory! Watch out live players theres a new player about to hit the scene.Look forward to meeting you all.JBCD71 AKA Johnny ACES Cabral
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