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Poker Ace Hud trouble

    • DudeCZ
      Joined: 15.11.2007 Posts: 6
      Hi there,
      I've got a serious problem with this soft and hope to get some advice from experienced players.
      I installed version 1.18 with no problem at all, started it and was hoping for some precious reads on my opponents. But unfortunately am I not getting any. The program recognizes the tables I am playing at and lists them all... but that is probably all the help it gives me. I play at Titan Poker and that's why I have set up the preferences for the iPoker network. I entered the path to my hand history folder (C:\............Titan Poker\History...) and thought that this would do it... Nope, it would not... I only got a few stats on some of the players at my table and they were obviously made out of a small sample, because the numbers were simply unrealistic. I wondered why is that and I believe that I know now. Pokertracker reminded me all the time since I started using it, that I should choose a folder for storing the processed files. So I created a folder called "Processed" and told PT to move the files there after he is finished with them. And I guess this could be the problem.
      Of course the first thing I did after this discovery was to tell the Ace Hud to look into this folder too, that's clearly the logical way how to sort this problem out. But the Ace Hud does not find it so logical at all. He still shows me the names of my tables (but thats not what I would really aprreciate...) but still does not help in any way with my opponents. No stats, no numbers, nothing. After a few minutes it even tells me about some "Critical error" or something like that. I think this could be connected with a Poker Trackers habit - he renames the processed files (adds the date to the front of the name). Maybe he modifies the files in some other way also, I don't know. I also noticed that there is an option in the preferences of Ace Hud to choose the particular database and take the stats from there. It even found my PT database and showed its name as an option but once I confirmed this choice, guess what happend... Nothing.
      I am already pretty sick of making this software work, so I really hope that somebody will have an advice for me. Maybe if someone playing at Titan would be so kind and describe the exact steps he had made to get this working, I would really appreciate that.
      Sorry for such a long post, I hope that somebody will be able to read the whole thing and try to help me.
      Thanks in advance
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