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    • muel294
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      Hi all,

      In the bronze article "After the flop: No-one has initiative" we are introduced to the concept of raising a bet in front of us.

      The formula is as follows:

      Raise = Pot (including the current betting round) + 2 * opponent's bet.

      up until this point I have always made it 3*+1*/caller.

      is the pot+2* always correct when someone bets in front of us and we intend to raise?

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    • JonikoP
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      Nope, as with all the bronze advice this is a good "rule of thumb" starting point but far from the full story.

      The size of you bet depends on any number of factors, e.g.:

      - What is the board texture? Generally bets should be smaller on a dry board, bigger on a wet board.
      - What do you want to achieve with your bet? A call or a fold. Is a big or small bet more likely to achieve that?
      - If you're bluffing, what's the smallest amount you can risk to put your opponent to a threshold decision?
      - What is your stack size? Are you trying to get all in by the river? Are you committing yourself to the pot?
      - etc, etc, etc.

      The article teaches you a system to beat the very lowest limits but to progress as a player you have to learn to evaluate information and then apply it to the given situation.

      They key to improving is asking yourself WHY not WHAT.

      GL at the tables.