Greetings PokerStrategy, and welcome to my blog, Moving Up The Micros. I play NL4 SH on PartyPoker, which I started about 3 weeks ago. I'm currently winning at 12.5bb/100 over 15k hands. (I know, not much of a sample) Here is my graph so far:

I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm also a member of Fusionpk's micro coaching group. I post in that blog as well, found here:

[GOING PRO] The Stepping Stone - Fusionpk-Firefly52-DukeXIII-Salivanth

I'm currently doing a pretty demanding (for me at least) schedule of 25-30 hours a week. For 5 days a week, I do 4 hours of play, 1 hour of study, and post/read my hand evaluations. This doesn't count browsing poker sites or talking on Skype to my group. I'm playing between 4 and 6 tables, depending on my mood and level of focus.

How I Got Here

I originally got into Poker because of my uncle. He was an avid Poker player, but unfortunately, he died young. As part of his stuff, we got a couple of NPL (National Poker League) caps, which prompted the off-hand remark from my Dad that I should get into Poker. When I said I wasn't really interested, he said that if I learnt the strategy, I probably would be.

I then promptly ignored it for several months. I got into StarCraft II instead, posting and reading on a forum called TeamLiquid, the premier StarCraft strategy site. One day, I saw a big tournament coming up. While I was nowhere near good enough to enter, it happened to be sponsored by a site called Naturally, I was intrigued, remembering the remark my Dad had told me months earlier.

So I checked it out, found out about the free $50. I was skeptical, but checked out the Business Model page, and it was all laid out for me and made perfect sense. So I passed the quiz, and started diligently grinding. I played a bunch of different games, and eventually deposited 100 dollars of my own money and began grinding the 2.25 SNG's on Full Tilt Poker. With th e help of some 1.10 Rush on Demand tournaments, including a 2nd place finish for 70 bucks, I built my bankroll up to around 320 bucks.

Then FT got shut down. I quit Poker for a few months, but eventually the urge to play came back. After some deliberation, I decided to play cash this time, not SNG's. ICM was alright and all, but boring as hell to study, and I found my postflop skills lacking when I had originally tried to move up to the 5.50's at Full Tilt, so I figured I would have to play cash to develop them anyway. So why not stick with cash games?

I deposited 150 bucks on PartyPoker, and began playing. Then I read "Treat Your Poker Like A Business" by Leatherass, and was inspired. I joined Fusion's coaching group, and decided upon the schedule to keep. Before, becoming a professional poker player was something I thought was really cool and might even be able to achieve someday. Now, that's what I want. According to Leatherass, to try going pro, one should be beating NL100 at 4bb/100 over 100,000 hands, at least. And I thought "I could do that. I could work my way up to that." So there it was.

And now here I am, 3 weeks later, starting this blog. I want a blog to myself, where I can post what I like, and chronicle my story. I want to look back at how far I've come when I'm at NL10, NL25, and higher. I'll still post most of my hands in the group blog, but most of my actual updates will be here. I'll also post my monthly reviews on each blog.

Looking Forward

So what are my goals? On October 1, I set the following goals:

Get 50,000 hands in 9 weeks (Dec 3) at NL4 SH. This is enough to allow me to move up to NL10 (at 300 bucks) assuming a 7bb/100 winrate.

Become an NL10 regular by the end of the year. I decided to define "regular" as "Beating the limit over the course of 20,000 hands."

Naturally, I also have the goal of sticking to my 20 hours a week of play, and 5 hours a week of study, as well as keeping up with my analysis. I'm currently 6 hours short of what I've committed to: I should have done 48 hours of play over the last 16 days, and I've only done 42-ish. I aim to work hard this week and make up the lost hours.

And so that's my story so far. My game continues to improve, and I'm becoming better every day. I'm astounded at how much progress I've made in 3 weeks, so hopefully when I'm ready to move up, I can stay there first try. I'll move down at 250 bucks if it doesn't work out, but hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Thanks for reading!