Switching from MSS to BSS

    • GunnarPB
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      I've been playing poker online for quite some time, I got my starting capital last year on full tilt and was playing sit'n goes but after a month or 2 just stopped playing until last month when i decided to come back playing (YEAH!!!) but I had just lost my bankroll on FTP( had about 60$ dam it black Friday) but fortunately PP was offering a free 50$ starting capital so i decided to start playing cash games on PP(after playing a good amount of sit'n goes i just realized that cash games are a better option for me) but i didn't have much cash game experience so i started reading the articles and decided to start my cash game life with a MSS because the articles said it's more beginner friendly.
      So I've read all the MSS basic and bronze articles and been playing 4 tables following the charts. I've already played a little bit more than 10k hands and I want to switch to BSS but I'm not sure if I'm ready because I've been losing recently playing MSS, here is a graph of my MSS life:

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      So i still have a little bit more than 43$ in my bankroll should I keep playing MSS until i start wining a decent amount and reach a certain bankroll or can i make a switch to BSS?
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    • thazar
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      Hi Gunnar

      It depends what you like. I think BSS develops your poker skills more over all as it is more of a postflop game. MSS is however a good way to develop your preflop skills.


    • GunnarPB
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      i prefer BSS over MSS all the way, i think MSS is kinda like sit'n goes it's just too automatic and you don't have to think, analyze as much as BSS(possible one of the main reasons why i like poker is the thinking, analytical process of the game)
    • lynius
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      I made the switch. I felt that BSS had more to offer me in terms of what I wanted - study.

      MSS will certainly have taught you solid fundamentals for a pre-flop game.

      I remember moving from BSS to MSS and having moved back, I realised many flaws in my pre-flop game e.g. playing KJo from MP.