I recently started playing HU hypers on stars (I'm a SNG noob, always played cash games) and I need to find a software for easy reviewing of my games, since PT3 is pretty clunky for tournaments.

It should work so you can scroll trough hands quickly, since I believe many hands shouldn't be evaluated in a vaccum. What I need is basically a program that would work like the built in instant hand replayer, since then I could just fast forward the hands and take notes on opponent + check my pushing/calling ranges (off course if that was built into the software so much better).

What do you guys reccomend?

P.S. At them moment I'm playing 15s and 30s on stars (same nickname). If someone wants to do some reviewing togheter and talking about strategy he's welcome to add me on Skype (andrej(dot)rizner(@)gmail(dot)com