50$ - 120 DAYS - 1200 POINTS - didnt achieve it but $ still there, can i get to the $

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      after FT going down i recieved the 50$ first aid on everest...the conditions were to play 1200 points in 120 days - i didnt acieve that and as i red after the 120 days should be $50 and the winnigs retracted, but the $ are still there on my everest account and im playing with it without any problems..the question is can i get to this money, if i once reach the 1200 points ? or what happened if i would now deposti there $100, and want to withdraw that after month - will i be able do withdraw everything or just everything above the $ originating from the $50 bonus + winnings before my deposit ?

      i know i should write to the everest support - and i will, but im just curious if someone here knows something about this :)

      thank you
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