winning tourney with 1 bb left

    • kos06
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      this how it happened,9 runners left blinds r 5000/10000 at this stage i had 3.5 bb left before the final table got my bb sb stolen wich left me with 1 bb then final table was call. so we move to final restablish dealer wich put me mp2 so just sat back untill i was utg1 i get delt king five suited so i push my bb and say the magic word im allin which scared three out of the hand mp3 raised a 4 bet which got the rest to fold bb fold now 2 way old mate flips overt A7 off, ace high was winning right though till the river hit my king so i won the pot now iv got 30k bb went to 10000/20000 and now im bb with 1 bb 1 sb i hit pocket jacks utg 1 had 1bb left he get poket sixes pushed i called my jacks which held so now iv got 60k the i just keep on pushing with hands that hit
      of the last stages but most of the tourney i ur tip and coaching really inproved my game and i thank u

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