new store / tournament tickets

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      :diamond: New Party Poker Store is rly bad, I dont know how they could launch it with such a bad conversion rate $$$ vs points. Nobody should take anything else besides Bonuses.

      :diamond: Launching a new Store and changing it fundamentally without telling their VIPs beforehand is ridiculous imo. As Palladium Elite I wanted to use all my points for tournament tickets (has been possible last years). I saved them for future bigger events like the Monthly Million or a Trny Series like Pokerfest.

      :club: I already contacted VIP PE Support. They only said it's not possible to redeem points for Trny Tickets atm (lol ty, I can see that myself :f_biggrin: ) I asked them for reasons and told them some PE absolutely don't like that and that I planned to use all my points for Trny Tickets for the bigger events.

      I didn't get any answer. I would have at least expected to announce those changes weeks or even months before. I would have obv converted my points into Trny Tickets if I knew that.

      Dunno how regularly you guys are in contact with Party Officials, but you can tell them a few high rakers absolutely dislike a) the changes they made and b) the way they made them without announcing anything before.
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