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moving up to 25/50c losing confidence ?

    • Avataren
      Joined: 28.04.2010 Posts: 1,745
      Hey all.

      So i play lhe at a ipoker skin and i must confess .. I tilted dont worry ive punished myself.. so here is my question and advice very well needed.

      so ive been playing 5c/10c most of my career and doing between 2.5 - 3 bb/100 over 30k hands.. decent right i know its a relative small sample.. So i finally got a br for 25/50c skipping 10/20c .. The games at ipoker is basically the same fish up until like 1/2 .. So ive only been playing like 2k hands so far at my new limit and everything went well for like the 1500 hands.. up 2 - 3 buyins but now i cant catch a break and now down 4 buyins .. 40 dollars.. im a 27/20 ish stat overall. i know my raising range and all (been coached by Leader)

      Should i be worried be down 4 buyins so fast? i cant help but think its a lot more money. i guess im not too used to the more money than at 5c/10c.. So advice needed what should my plan be? just grind through ? move down ? get more coaching ? I study like 1 hour everyday and i know some of my flaws , forgetting looking at the board texture and seem to be cbetting the turn a bit too much compared to how much the fish call (its insane how bad they are 80/50 stats. you get the picture)

      i feel like in some spots i dont know what to do.. like i know the 5c/10c games in and out .. i should be able to win at 25/50c same people just more money ? im not really worried about the money in the sense i have no problem moving down again. i just really want to prove to myself that i can beat 25c/50c.. as my ultimate goal is to get to midstakes ya know.

      advice needed and constructive critism allowed..

      thanks in advance and thanks for reading and taking your time reading ..


      ps. if any lhe players at these limits want to talk strat/ sweat and stuff through skype etc please let me know i would love to talk..
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    • Boomer2k10
      Joined: 22.09.2010 Posts: 2,551
      $40 at 0.25/0.50 is 80 bets. For a lot of people that is a bad day and nothing more. It really is not even enough to register as a downswing

      Due to the fact you have skipped stakes and are now playing 5x higher than you are used to a bad session iz going to hurt really badly now compared to how it id if you focus on the $ amount.

      This is a very standard amount to lose in LHE and some of the guys I know who play for a living havd been yhrough near as makes no difference 1000BB downswings.

      My advise for you would be that as long as you ard adequately bankrolled do not focus at all on your results, hide them if you have to, and concentrate on playing well
    • Avataren
      Joined: 28.04.2010 Posts: 1,745
      Hey Boomer2k10

      Firstly thanks for replying. I read it and find it very helpful.
      I want to answer in saying about your advice. I have just recently removed all stats on winnings and stuff in my HEM.. btw. is there any way to prevent it from popping up with a small box when hovering over the little box with stats ?
      and i have decided that id play as long im bankrolled for it as i feel safe to have before moving down.

      Again thanks for the reply.. have a nice day sir.

      Avataren -