Bankroll Management % in poker client

    • Tevezwest
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      Just wondering what stance Pokerstrategy take on % of bankroll placed in poker client and is it included in the Bankroll Management sections?

      I used leave all of mine in the client I was using but now have decided to leave a % just in case(FTP saga and all), 25 BI seems plenty for me and the rest in my E-Wallet. 10-15% is what my style could withstand but just wondering what PokerStrategys stance is on this issue?

      Since FTP many players are taking this very seriously these days but I'm sure this leaves PS with a conflict of interest.

      I suppose the thing behind my question is Does it make a difference to the poker clients if players only have a % of there bankroll in there at any one time? and digging deeper What do they or can they do with your bankroll and is it firewalled so they can't get there hands on it?

      This was supposed to be the case with FTP so that's why players are being ultra cautious.
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    • fuzzyfish
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      Why should Pokerstrategy have any stance on it? Financially theres no differenc wheres you money at. Its safer to keep only a minimum amount that you need for playing in the poker room.
    • pleno1
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      Hey TevezWest,

      I think BRM is obviously one of the most important parts of poker. You could beat Phil Ivey over 10,00 hands of poker, but if you only have enough to get unlucky twice then its likely you're going to end up busto.

      Although its not so common that people leave X amount of their bankroll in the poker client, I actually think its a good idea. If you know you are prone to tilt then you could do something like the following.

      1- Give yourself as 5bi stoploss (if you lose 5 bi's you know you won't be playing optimally due to tilting and choose to stop playing for the day

      2- At the start of the day put 5bi's into your poker account

      3- At the start of the next day top up or withdraw the money that excludes the 5bi rule.

      Ofc you can redeposit etc, but I think there'd be alot less chance you would redeposit than there would be that you would carry on playing.

      in general I think stop losses are imperative. Maybe you could reward yourself everytime you successfully use a stop loss.

      Anyone got any good ideas on how to encourage yourself to stick to a stop loss during a downswing/bad run?
    • phantommm92
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      Yeah, doesn't make much sense to keep 5 BI, how are you going to play 6 tables or so? :f_cool:

      Tho it would make sense to keep like 11 BI if you 6 table

      But you would loose quite a lot by depositing/withdrawing every time
    • pleno1
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      Yeah, exactly that would be the two major problems :/

      I'll have a think about this tonight and get back to you tomorrow with a master plan :D