I need your advice!

    • smoothazeros
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      please let me know what you think;

      I recently lost my job and it's really tough to find work right now, I love playing poker and I was seriously considering playing for a living.
      We all know that to play for a living requires an in depth knowledge of playing strategically.

      Pretty much, what I need is a plan. like a step by step guide on what to do.

      This is what I got so far:
      1. Study the SNG strategy section (SNG is my preference of game)
      2. Get a coach??? I got no clue how to get one or participate in coachings
      3. Grow my BR ( currently at $0)
      4. Pray all goes well.

      But honestly, I really need this to happen for me, so any help into the right direction is greatly appreciated.
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    • JHTAN
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      Poker is high varience game. Playing poker for living is not easy as you think. The game will get tougher in the future. So, I advice you to find a job and play poker as a part time job. Good luck.
    • smoothazeros
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      I understand the risk, i definitly do not underestimate it either.
      I really commit to something when I want to do it, and this is something I feel I really do want to do.
      I have about $100 I can invest to get my BR started and I guess I can start off with $1.50 SNG's to be on the safe side.

      I've been going to the library so that I can focus on reading the articles in the strategy section and im going to continue to do that.

      I have a better chance at turning profits playing poker than getting a job atm, so I really gotta make use of what's available to me.
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      Hi smoothazeros,

      This will take a lot of hard work, dedication and an immense amount of time and I commend you for your attempt.

      Getting started and with a small bankroll, the early days are gonna be tough, Whilst playing the micros especially, your winnings won't be an awful lot and thus harder to live off.

      With all the strategical content here, videos, articles, coaching and hand evaluation forums I believe it very possible to beat the micros without going down the coaching route for the time being.

      What Poker site do you intend on playing at?

      Best wishes,
    • purplefizz
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      hi smoothazeros,

      honestly, becoming a poker pro is difficult. it requires a lot of hard work with long hours, technical strategy know-how and good mindset.

      ask yourself these questions:
      - how much knowledge do you already have? what limits have you beaten over a decent sample?
      - how much time will you spend playing/studying? how much volume can you put in?
      - what is your mindset like? can you handle the swings of the game?

      i havent seen anybody turns pro with BR $0. the lowest i have seen (and it was considered crazy at the time - was going pro playing NL25. but there were 2 of them, brothers, where cost of living was $400/month. normally it is NL100+ speaking of cashgames though, i am less familiar with SNG's)

      i guess my advice at this point is, to first see if you have the endurance and motivation to beat the microlimits. study all the videos and articles that you can, (no need to get a coach at the lowest limits), post hands for evaluation as much as you can. the more you spend time playing the game and talking to others on the forum about it, the more you will realize what you need to do.

      i would also recommend reading the blogs of those who have done it before you. it is not impossible, a few have succeeded going from the micros to becoming coaches and playing professionally. you might also want to start a blog eventually to keep track of your own progress and goals. who knows, you might be a coach one day too!

      you cannot go from beginner to pro in a month or two and i think you will still need other sources of income until such time that you can actually support yourself with this game that we love.

      sorry for the wall of text. gl and keep us updated!

    • OZSA
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      Probably you will hear everyone saying that you need to be an NL100 winning player to make a living, I don't know how much money you need / month but even grinding NL20-25 you can make 1k$+(or EU)/month, but its a long process, most of the battle will be fought in your head. I have no real success in SNGs as I always found that much higher variance, but your goal is not impossible, alot of ppl do what you wish for. Best is probably trying to get a new job and meanwhile have 2hour of poker in your life to get started. If you start to play only because you really need the money, it will be alot harder in the first few months. GL
    • smoothazeros
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      @ Gary- Im very ready to grind on the micro level for the next 3 months or so to get to a comfortable level with my BR to have poker pay for my necessities. Till then, I do have a back up plan which will enable me to cover my expenses (Thank God :P ).

      I have been reading the articles but will need to go over them a couple more times for all the info to sink in and fully understand the strategies provided. Im going to spend A LOT of time in the strategy section these next few months lol :$

      I intend on playing mainly on PKR. maybe Party Poker and on Pokerstars as well.
      I've been debating on whether or not I should download 888's software and get an extra $8 for bankroll and grind with that as well. Every dollar helps, no?

      Is there a specific program I need to get so I can post my hand evaluations? I haven't read anything on posting hand evaluations yet, as I've shy'ed away from it until now.

      @ Wendy - Knowledge I currently possess is limited on strategy but enriched with experience. I could say I play decently, but I've never played a SNG higher than $11 buy in, I would say I can play profitably at the $3 buy in level.
      I intend on studying at least an hour and a half on a 5 day a week schedule. I believe I should really grind these next 2-3 months and play at least 2 -3 hours a day.

      As for my mindset :P I strongly believe I can handle the swings of the game and not go on tilt to much due to the fact that my mother and I own a business. This business is pretty much a personal development program with a compensation plan attached to it. :P I've been trained to keep my emotions and thoughts in check :P It's really cool actually, I love it :)

      Some new updates as suggested:
      1. endurance/motivation test microlimits
      2. study study study
      3. find out how to post hand evaluations and benefit from experienced players opinions about my hands
      4. Play more poker
      5. socialize here more!

      @ OZSA - my costs aren't much, I only need about $600 a month to be in the clear and still have some pocket change. I hope I can do well in SNG's cause it is my preference, I could look into venturing in the NL cash games, but like I stated, I love SNG's