The hottest book for beginners

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      No offense, just for fun :f_cool:

      I heard a new poker book is coming on the market...

      Tournament strategy for today's online game

      Chapter 1: How to limp agressive preflop
      Chapter 2: How to limp agressive from utg (advanced strategy)
      Chapter 3: Best hands to limp out of position
      Chapter 4: Why to play out of position
      Chapter 5: Why to call half of your stack in with pocket pairs preflop to hit a set
      Chapter 6: How to pay off AA with your flopped top pair on an 8 high board
      Chapter 7: Why to play K9 suited, any position (live players advanced ideas)
      Chapter 8: How to chase a flush or straight draw
      Chapter 9: Best hands to chase a flush draw
      Chapter 10: How to chase a gutshot
      Chapter 11: How to play it "like a set"
      Chapter 12: How to get your stack in wrong
      Chapter 13: Table etiquette (How to curse your opponents)

      Did i missed something? :)
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