understanding EV and its value to me

    • deezer79
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      Hi all! Been playing for a couple of years now but am fairly new to the term "EV" and was hoping someone could explain it. What is its meaning to me, how will understanding it improve my game and how to work it out?

      From my understanding its the speculation of how much money you should be making from certain hands. That right? All I can think is that it can be used to show how you are running and whether, at times, you are getting full value from pots you win.
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    • thazar
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      Hi Deezer

      EV is the expected value. A lot of poker players use the term EV for more than poker but also for a lot of life decisions as well.

      A decision (in poker or not can be:

      :club: +EV (have a positive Expected Value) ie in poker you will make money making that decision in the long run or in other terms the odds are on your side
      :club: -EV (negative Expected Value ie in poker you will lose money in the long term making that decision or in other words the odds are against you

      :club: 0EV ie in poker you won't lose or earn any money making that decision (a fold is always 0EV)

      I hope this clarify things a bit. Getting your hands on EV fully however requires you to put it into practice every time you have a choice that is not straight forward: what is the max EV choice.