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      Hi guys!

      I finally decided to start something like a blog here just after seeing faarcydes video tonight :) I found out that I miss a lot on the mindset, motivation and this sort of things. I hope that I´ll find some support here on PS, because I think its starting to cost me money and nerve. :)

      Let me tell you something general about myself. I´m 24, university student, born and living in Czech Republic.
      I´ve been playing poker for the last three years, at first mainly for recreation purposes, than after something like a year of (mostly) live games a found myself somehow miraculously ahead, so I decided to keep some records of the results and study the game a bit, but I still wasn´t taking it much seriously. Last year however I started hooking up with a few guys to "grind" live cash, and despite the huge variance coming from you playing so few hands, I came to found out that there can be some fair money to be made playing.(mostly because the games are pretty soft, compared to online :s_cool: ) Being a regular at live tables however is REALLY time consuming, considering that it was hard for me to keep a bankroll for bigger games.
      Nevertheless, it was a lot better than any other part time job I was able to find as a student. Of course, the first problem I had was with money management. I got into some personal financial trouble at the beginning of 2011, had to "cash out" most of my bankroll money and, left with something around five BIs, I was kind of forced to work as a card dealer instead, because I no longer could afford to play... ;(

      Long story short, I came across Pokerstrategy, where i was already registered earlier, and had sent the 50usd starting capital to FullTilt.

      I always liked the idea of tournament poker so I read a few articles about SnGs here, spent my time on breaks at work clicking the ICM trainer and in something like a month I was able to easily beat the superturbos. I climbed very quickly to 5usd level, where I stayed for a bit longer due to a long breakeven stretch, in the meanwhile I played other formats also (6.50 18man turbos, 4.40 rush mtts...) which I all found to be quite beatable.
      In like three months total (with some cashouts!) I made a 150bi bankroll for 10.50 superturbos that I began to grind vigorously with roughly 5% ROI over a few k games. I started with a huge heater, that caused me to make nearly 2000usd in two weeks (!), I paid that back later, was breakeven for a whole month then :D

      Then of course, what would you do... I quit the boring card dealing job and decided to focus solely on poker. And on money spending... I started to 8-12 table and playing for just a few hours a day got me to a lovely income. (for a student of course) Needless to say, I cashed out like 500-1000 a month, (let´s party,eh? :s_biggrin: ) didn´t save a dime and kept my whole bankroll on the site when it got down. Pretty cool, heh? :f_cry: One day I felt like I was printing money and then... I was broke and cursing myself.

      Had a few staking offers from friends since, but never managed to get a serious agreement. A month back a got a mail offering me another starting capital at Poker770 :-D And guess what? With that and some 60bucks my buddy owed me and sent me from his PS TAF program I started nearly from scratch again :D Now playing 5.50 FR, but its another story and I will deliver ;)
      Going to bed, will update tomorrow. Cya!
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      Welcome to the blog section, we're hoping to see lots more of you here, and supe interesting updates!

      Good luck crushing those $5.5s!

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      Big welcome! :)
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      Hi, it´s me again, as promised :)

      Sorry for the long first post from yesterday, I was just feeling that I should tell you something more. In fact, it is just another poker playing story.
      But lets get to bussiness, I´m gonna post some of my goals here, because I need a bit of support from fellow players, which I usually don´t meet much IRL.

      I found myself lately in a bit of a rut, bankroll building cost me a lot of nerve and patience, at first I found out that the 1.20 micros are nearly unbeatable and that I´m able to be at best breakeven there, so I decided to pick 20Bi for the 5.50 to either get busto or go on. Right now I think I have a comfortable roll of around 300 dollars for 5.50 FR regular speed and turbo SnG´s, but my main goal is to get at least to 10usd with roughly double this bankroll and try to maintain a reasonable ROI.

      For now, I´ll post my closest goals:

      :club: Get the blog running, start posting some real info, graphs, both older and new.

      :club: See all faarcydes videos by the end of the next week. ;)

      :club: Get over a breakeven stretch by learning more and playing less - max 30 games a day and the rest of the time I usually spend playing (lately mostly tilting at the tables late through the evening, playing some "C game" at best :f_cry: ) devote to watching some vids and reading articles.

      I may be back in the evening ;)
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      I also wanted to add that I greatly appreciate the developement of a new czech community on PS, but i decided to keep my blog mostly in english, for practice reasons, but also because I want to stay in touch with wider player base.

      Sng sharks from all over the world are welcome with any nasty comments ;) :s_biggrin: