found my peace in the 6max games

    • djokohk
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      Heyy all..
      Been a month while I started playing at WH Poker with the $50 from PS.

      At first I used to sit on the full ring tables, and was constantly losing everyday and got to a point when I was left with half of those fifty. I haven't actually used any software to look back at my games, but I sort of know that I was losing because I was playing very aggressively and was bluffing with nothing cards as well.

      Then a turn around came, when I started playing on 6max tables, and all of a sudden everything is starting to fall into pieces, and am nearing 50 again, haven't changed my game as such, but I play with much attention after the flop, as it was the place where I was getting sucked out of my buy-ins. I don't know if its good luck or I have just started playing better, but one thing is for sure, I will have to work hard, specially on strategies and odds etc. Read a book by Doyle Brunson, such a class it was, and also the Silver strategy articles over here ! :D gotta go am on a winning streakk !!! :D

      i dont even know what i was trying to say n why i wrote it over here, but thnx for reading, and m sorry for wasting your tyme :)
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    • purplefizz
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      hi djokohk,

      moved your thread as i feel it is more appropriate here.

      glad to see that your game seems to be improving. i love to play 6max myself. it is not very profitable to make crazy bluffs at the micros, they usually don't pay off. have you thought of joining the beginner's course? the link is in my signature. it might help you take your game further.

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      gl at the tables and welcome!