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limit holdem

    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      Hey guys, i have been wandering around for quite a while now, searching for a game type, that would inspire me, etc.

      As you all know, there is that thrill/motivation/interest, when you just start playing poker, so obviously i have had it in the start of my "career", but then it kind of settled down, up till about 10 months ago, when i started playing MTTs.

      When you are in that mindset and enjoyment frame, you just don't feel how the time is passing as you are putting crap loads of volume in, signalizing hands and working on your game, and that took for about 6 months.

      I still feel the same way about MTTs, but as i am in UNI from this year, i don't really have time to put in for MTTs, so i was searching for another Muse in another formal of poker.

      In the last 2 months tried NLHU, NLSH, NLFR, HUSNG, MTSNG, but everywhere i didn't have that feeling. It is strange as i know i could improve and crush the games, but it is kind of not enough for me, just because that way i have to beat myself everyday to put in volume and learning time, so the search for the undiscovered format was still on.

      All that yada yada i said here is because yesterday i might have found a new passion, it is FLSH, it is just so different, so many interesting concepts :heart:
      So for the first time after 2 months i did put in ~10 hours of learning+playing without having to ever say to myself "you have time today, you must grind."

      I have big hopes that it will last for quite some time and i move up quickly. :s_cool:

      Now lets talk about why did i open this thread :f_biggrin: i did it because i do have some questions and here are they:

      a)Is 500BB good BRM for FLSH?

      b)What parts of my game would you recommend improving first as a beginner?

      c)Am i crazy for jumping straight into ,5-1 SH?

      d)what swings are to be experienced in FLSH games in general?

      Thats is probably it for now, if you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to add. :spade:
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    • Boomer2k10
      Joined: 22.09.2010 Posts: 2,551
      Welcome to the dark side....I mean the good guys of course :f_biggrin:

      To answer your questions:

      1) 500BB is plenty for micro/small stakes FLSH, in fact I'll be making a video soon about low stakes bankroll management

      2) As a beginner the best place to focus would be making sure that you develop a solid fundemental preflop strategy. As a confessed beginner you won't yet have the game necessary to make up for making big preflop errors. This will all come with time

      3) No that's where I started. Anything below 0.25/0.5 really isn't worth playin as it bears little to no resemblance to any poker game where you can make any sort of worthwhile money and tbh 0.5/1 is where I'd recommend people start if they can afford the roll.

      4) You don't wanna know :f_o:

      300BB swings are not uncommon especailly for players who are towards the breakeven line and at the higher stakes 1000BB swings are not unheard of. And of course if you're a losing player the downsing will eventually be infinite :)

      But as long as you maintain control of yourself and your bankroll and continue to learn you'll do fine. It's a fun game, worth playing and rewarding once you start to really understand it

    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      Thanks for the reply, about the preflop hand selection, in general, when first in i think my hand selection is quite good, tho i feel like i might be isoraising too loose.

      Lets say a fish 40/10 limps on HJ and we are on BU, what would be an apropriate range to iso him? my range would be close to this: 55+,A2s+,K5s+,Q6s+,J9s+,T9s,A2o+,K6o+,Q9o+,JTo

      Hopefully i won't be the losing one and the downswing won't be infinite :D