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stats show up wrong people

    • dannyboy2517
      Joined: 18.08.2010 Posts: 5
      hi, when im playing i like to take the preferred seating option on party poker as i like sit in the same place for all my tables i realised after playing all week with elephant that when i choose my preferred seating onparty poker the stats show up on the wrong people, for example mp stats would really be co or bu stats. I know this because after playing for an hour on a table there was a guy that had hardly played a hand and elephant was saying he was loose aggressive and another guy would be really aggressive maniac even and would show stats of a tag. To back up my claims i played a hand with the maniac which resulted as an all in and when the cards were shown at the end they appeared on the guy that was a tight . is anyone else experience this problem???? i cant believe i played all week and didn't realise i had the wrong stats for people.

      2. i ve posted this before but need a more detailed description please, how do u take down your own stats? i ve looked in hud settings but cant seem to find it.

      3. yes there s a third problem lol. i don't seem to get everybody s stats sometimes i will only have half of the table .

      any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
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    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey dannyboy sorry its taken a while to reply to you,

      I dont use elephant myself but i use other software so il try and help you with what i would do on that software.

      First of all and im sorry if it sounds daft but you have checked the preffered seating in elephant too right? also do the stats come up in the same positions on every table for example, on all tables when you are in the BU your stats appear in the BB. And everybodys stats are 2 to the left? If so then just keep changing your preffered seat in elephant until it lines up right.

      Actually this is all i can think of atm, sorry i dont know much about elephant but thought id give you something to try until our elephant support guys are back online

    • mrk1988
      Joined: 04.02.2007 Posts: 13,337
      Hey dannyboy2517,

      first of all, thanks to Carl for holding the fort! :)

      Please make sure you are utilizing the tool menu button on the pokertable to set your own position. This should clear up all hud issues.

      2. In version 0.105 there's an option to deactivate your own statistics on the tables.

      3. You do need some hands for a specific player to get his stats displayed. Check the corresponding option in hud settings.