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      Playing at my local poker room (notorious for fishes), a £1/1 cash game.

      Had pocket 10's, got my set on the flop. (10s 5c 2d)

      Turn shows an Ace

      Villian calls my raises on each street

      River shows an Ace (

      Now, and I don't know why, I think I only have a set of 10's, and if he has an Ace, he's got me beat. So I check, he bets £25 and is AI.
      I curse in my head and lay my hand down in a bit of of a huff, accidentally exposing my cards in the process. The table is shocked and asks me what I put him on, It then dawned on me what I'd done. Villain shows 99 X(

      I was so mad with myself and zoned out for 10-15mins, but now it doesn't matter because i've realised stuff like this is only a problem when I don't learn my my mistakes.

      I left with 3x my buy-in anyway :f_cool:

      Anyone else done anything similar?

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