Suggestion of hand strength

    • madorjan
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      Hi guys,

      I just noticed a bug(?) in the Equilab.

      If you have T8 on a KQ97 board, it counts as an OESD and a gutshot too (so if you tick off OESD it still remains active). Now I can't see a good reason for that, so I must assume it's some kind of a bug, or is it? Would be nice if the straight draw types wouldn't overlap each other.

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    • EuanM
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      Any 6 or J gives you a straight, so it's a double-gutshot to be specific, although this is counted as an OESD in Equilab as your Equity is the same because you still have eight outs, same as OESD. A double-gutshot is also a type of gutshot as per Equilab, which is why it's showing you both.

      This is what it seems like to me, I hope this helps!