I still havent received my $50

    • Cheezeball
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      I passed the quiz and picked a poker room "Everest" I signed up on Everest Poker then Poker strategy wanted my screen name in which Everest didn't give right away and i couldn't remember it until I sent in documents for deposit and withdrawal verification. They then said I was not "tracked" and may not receive the bonus of $50. At the same time they said (Everest Poker) my documents needed to be in color so i had to resend them. I am awaiting Everest Poker support reply. I will then contact Poker strategy regarding the tracking?. Neither of them seem to care if i get bonus or not. Ali
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    • purplefizz
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      hi Cheezeball,

      of course we care whether or not you receive your capital. if you followed all the instructions carefully (using our download links and codes), then there shouldn't be any problem with tracking. you only need to inform us what screenname you use for that room.

      it is a bit difficult to understand some of the things in your post.
      - who said you were not tracked?

      - you should know your own screen name because you made it up yourself, right? what do you mean Everest did not give it to you?

      - were you able to pass ID verification already?

      in any case, i will try to get you some help. pls keep in mind that it is Sunday night, so have a little patience.

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      gl at the tables and welcome