Ello guys :) today i was playing a homegame on pokerstars vs one of my online friends and after been playing around an hour (i think) this hand accured.

Before explaining the hand i would like to tell: That the dynamic have been somehow aggresive from my side (been raising a few turns and flops with air and made hands etc etc) and he is aware of this.

anyhow he raises the BTN to 5 (which is standard playing 1-2 ) and i just call...

flop comes down: 782 ( 78 of clubs ) he cbetts the turn which is normally standard (quite high cbett%) and i flat call. Turn is a 9 of spade which brings two flush draws. I check to him and he betts around 18 and i CR to around 46-54 he shoves for around 240-300(not quite sure exactly) and i call.

he shows K/9 of diamonds and i got J/10os.

Anyhow we were talking about the hand afterwards and he said that the best play would be to shove turn vs my range while i said: Even though the dynamic i still believe Bet/folding or Bet/calling would be better on turn?

Im not sure wether this is true or not but i would like you guys opinion.

Just so you know we play both around NL50 and got some sense for poker ;)

Best regards Meckh20