have been playing the $3.50 turb 45mans while taking a stab now and again at the $7 stake also.

just broke the +$500 profit mark on these, so am pretty happy with my progress so far.

goals achieved:

[x]play 250 $3.50 45 man turb SnGs
[x] maintain ROI of over 15%. running great so far, 51% ROI over 249 games!
[x] reach $500 profit

next objectives:

[ ] re-assess what limit I play once 500 games have been played.
[ ] reach $1000 profit.
[ ] reach all goals above then create more goals.
[ ] once BR = $1500, transition to 180man turbs.

for some reason the current beta of HM2 is not displaying graphs correctly.


profit: $501
games played :342.
site: stars.