Couple questions

    • sebsejr
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      Hey guys. I think i am tracked on partypoker, since i got my 50 dollars starting capital there. That should mean i get strategy points when playing there right?

      So, my question is, how much do i have to play there to receive the extra 10 strategy points you offer? As specific as you can tell me please :)

      Also, when and how can i cash out the 50 dollar bonus you guys gave me;) ?

      Thanks alot !
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    • Mopenza
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      if I am not mistaken I think u need to play only 1 raked hand in cash games or 1 sng/mtt, but I can be wrong. hope it helps :f_cool:
    • NIVEKii
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      Hey sebsejr,

      Nice to see you've started playing with our $50 offer! If you received the starting capital you can be sure you're correctly tracked and will receive Strategypoints pretty soon.

      Now, about your questions. Pokerstrategy has an offer where you can get 10 additional SP's per day, with a maximum of 310 per month (depending on the month of course :p). Every day where you earn at least one full SP, Pokerstrategy will credit another 10. These extra points come in very handy when shooting for gold for example.

      To my knowledge you can cash out any winnings above $50, as they are your profit and yours alone. To release the $50 starting capital you have to collect 100 Partypoints in 150 days.

      Please keep in mind that in order to withdraw your money, you will first have to deposit through the method you wish to withdraw with.

      Hope this helped!

      All the best,

    • purplefizz
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      excellent answers guys :f_love:

      if you want to review the information and more (like first deposit bonus), you can also check out this link:

      Party Poker and

      it's easy to boost your points, here are some tips and tricks:

      - so basically if you get 1 Party Point per day, you will get an extra 10 Strategy Points too
      - you also get 1 extra Strategy Point for every dollar you deposit (a special feature of Party Poker)
      - if you download the Sidekick, you get even more points just for winning hands with specific hands (like fullhouse or something. just check out the info in that clicky link) :D It's free and fun too! :D

      let me know if you need more info!

    • sebsejr
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      So what your saying is, that 1 Party Point equals 1 strategy point which equals 10 strategy points?

    • purplefizz
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      yep, you got it! more or less. because the actual conversion is as follows:

      You will earn 3.5 StrategyPoints per $1 of rake on PartyPoker.

      As $1 Rake equals 2 PartyPoints, this means that you earn 1.75 StrategyPoints per PartyPoint.

      Additionally, for your first deposit you will receive up to 300 Bonus StrategyPoints. For every $1 of the deposit amount you will be given 1 StrategyPoint up to a maximum of 300 Bonus StrategyPoints.

      so if you want to be super precise about it, if you get 1 Party point, you will actually receive 1.75 Strategy Points + 10 bonus points = 11.75 SP's

      but remember the 10 bonus strategy points only happen once a day.
      so if you got 5 strategy points today, the bonus will still be 10 (= 15 points for the day)

      expect them to update every 2 days or so as we receive data from the rooms, that's when the points get credited.