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KozakFB's SNG Journey

    • KozakFB
      Joined: 18.08.2011 Posts: 395
      Hey guys my names KozakFB I've just joined with pokerstrategy recently looking to take that extra step into furthering my poker career.

      With the $50 starting capital not being processed yet I thought I might as well deposit $20 to get myself going. My poker room of choice is Poker770 but I hope to move on to PartyPoker once I hit a BR of $100 not including the $50 starting capital.

      To do this I will play $1 Sit'n'Gos, 6 handed, 10 handed and Heads Up.

      So my journey started today. Excited I immediately jumped into things. Registering for 6 tournaments at once. This was definitely a bad idea. I soon realized I didn't yet have the focus and skill level to keep track of 6 tables at once. I ended up busting in all but 1 which unfortunately I found out was a double up tournament so despite doing well, top 5 got paid just double their money which isn't really value for money.

      Down to $13.80 (including buy-ins and rakes for these tournaments) I decided to slow down to 4 tables at a time and this definitely boosted my game. I managed 3 cashes out of 4, 2 HU cashes and 1 6 handed 1st place for $4.20.

      I also cashed in one the freeroll for $0.10 which actually was unfortunate as I was doing really well until Poker770 locked my account until I provided ID. Once I got my account re-opened I was down to 700 chips with Blinds at 300-600 :( Finishing 89th was definitely disappointing as I thought I could have done better.

      I haven't installed any software other than the ICMTrainer atm so I can't provide any graphs but I will get to doing that in the future.

      In summary:

      Tournaments played:
      Tournaments cashed:

      Definitely a poor night but glad to have broke even.

      I will probably slow down further to only 3 tables a time.

      My goal is to build my bankroll to $100 by the end of November and move to PartyPoker as the selection of games on Poker770 is disappointing. Most people seem interested in playing the double up tournaments as they have more chances of making profit but in the long term these tournaments definitely do not hold much value for money imo.
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    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      ooh, you've started blogging as well! good luck with your goals!
    • KozakFB
      Joined: 18.08.2011 Posts: 395
      Just a quick update. Current BR: $88

      Edging closer and closer to my goal and its only the beginning of November! I'm 100% certain I will be leaving Poker770 once I reach my goal as I feel traffic at other sites are much better for SnG's. The peak traffic for 770 is 18k and 4k off peak...while I've observed that sites like PartyPoker have 10k off peak traffic..

      I've definitely found a calling in the MTSNG's. They're so much easier to play than the STSNG's and the rewards are much higher. $12 return for 1 dollar? Yes please.

      I've found that I'm not yet "crushing" the 1 dollar buy ins but found I've bubbled far more than I should be. I've actually discovered the reason and found that as the game goes on and I've built my tight image, my range loosens up on the button and I end up getting greedy :(

      So that will be the next thing to fix!

      I don't have any software as my BR doesn't justify it and elephant isn't compatible with 770 but once I move to Party I'll hope to get some graphs of my progress and hand evaluations :)

      Its been an up and down start for me. I was as low as $45 at one point!! But something just click and I've been riding the wave of success recently! That isn't to say that I haven't hit some downswings :( A few days ago I had hit $81 and the next day I was back down to $67 :( But through focus and stopping when I thought I wasn't playing my best I've driven myself up to $88! :)

      Better news yet is that I'm very close to clearing the 50 dollars starting capital!


      BR: $88
      Determination: High
      - Moving to PartyPoker once I hit $88 (maybe PKR also)