Party and stars?

    • sebsejr
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      so i've experienced some problem with making the elephant work with pokerstars and partypoker. It seems to be working perfect with pokerstars, but last night i started playing partypoker, and it is unable to auto-import. when i do it automatically though, it works fine with Partypoker.

      I then tried to create a new database (read it in an old thread in here) and partypoker then worked perfect in that database, also autoimport. Pokerstars did not.

      Am i doing something wrong? Or is it just not supposted to work?
      Please help

      Btw i had stars and party tables open at the same time. Maybe thats what caused the trouble and it can only work with 1 site at the time?
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    • benaars
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      the same problem here, was playing on PP all the time - works fine, yesterday started stars and nothing, I tried to put the hands manually but nothing happens no stats. Can anyone help?
    • mrk1988
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      Hey guys,

      you are only experiencing problems with manually importing PartyPoker handhistories?

      Do you get any errors while importing hands? (Hands ignored, no matching parser found, etc..)?