Folded AK and Justice Prevail...

    • Justin37
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      well just wanna share my happy moment...

      Buy in $15, 1 table 10players.

      Maniac been playing so maniacly killing 3 Heroes

      1st Hero killed using J9 Vs AA
      2nd Hero killed using KT Vs KK
      3rd Heroes killed using 9T vs QQ

      *Believe me these 3 died heroes all playing correct poker but they cant beat the maniac luck. Or some say this site rigged - pokerstars!

      *Well he was on GOD MODE LUKY one.

      I was 9BB left blind 100/200 all in with A5 n he called with 66 after he was playing almost every round. I double up.

      NexT hand i had AK,
      Maniac got AA
      Bluffer Got 34
      Folded my hand after bluffer went all in, n Maniac reraise all in. 34 won !


      Next hand i got AJ all in with him n i won. A5, AK, AK in a row.
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