[NL20-NL50] NL25 SH - Sqz with 88

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    • MathhNes
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      Interesting, i would usually just call here, interested to see what coach says
    • Beseventh
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      Hmmm , indeed interesting spot.

      + to 3b
      ~ often you'll make them fold.
      ~ CO stats seems he playing straigh forward pre. I mean when he steal with crap = fold to resteal
      ~ You can cb lot flops and when you see his WTS W$SD he seems like to be winning player.

      - to 3b
      ~ there is any ?
    • Kaitz20
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      With what kind of hands can i squeeze in this situation?
      Pockets and Broadways?

      If he folds more than 66% then likely you can 3-bet profitable any 2 :)
      Since that would likely get played back too often, I´d at least choose some suited cards. Don´t like 3-bet with QJ and JT, since I think these hands are dominated too often if get called.

      I´d usually call there 88, but 3-bet should also be fine.

      Only reason why not to 3-bet is:
      - when player is capable fighting back and 4-bet bluffing
      - he outplays you postflop
      - he likes to b/c pf AA-QQ and would raise small most of the flops, so you can´t really be sure if he is doing that for value or he has there air.

      But using aggression is never bad and would generally increase your winrate a lot, just if get called play quite cautiously, since players would start playing back at some point if you keep on exploiting their high to fold 3b