Playing again after a long pause :)

    • flesmihdog
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      Hey everyone, just wanted to share my success that I've been having lately...

      I stopped playing poker entirely when FTP went busto. (though not losing too much, around 200$...

      I just picked up playing again around 3 weeks ago or so, and grinded myself all the way up from my 25$ deposit to 800+ so far.

      Sooooo close to the magic 1k barrier :D

      Here's the graph, but somehow there's some hands missing from the beginning... I had to uninstall the software at one point cause i was having some probs... too bad as the real graph with all the hands would look even better :(

      Still I must say I've been doing good even after having been away from poker for a while :D

      Oh yeah right, I also wanted to thank for the 100$ first aid that they offered me when FTP went broke... I donked those 100$ in half a day though xD then i reloaded 25$ and the graph is the outcome :D
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