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You Stupid! How to say in a Polite Way?

    • Justin37
      Joined: 25.07.2009 Posts: 445
      Getting a real life prenz playing real money poker is rare from my country.
      So in August i started a small group of 4 members including me, teaching them the basic n so on...

      One already got the $50 (well he is not a beginner so we proceed the $50 plan), the other two still playing freeroll for practice.

      *1st week - winning $18 from 1/2cent tables under my supervision

      *2nd week - i stop looking after him thinking he can handle to game by himself, n i also need to play.

      *Early 3rd week - $50 gone!

      Once a while i keep reminding him to play Tight/with premium hand only in those 2 weeks without asking how much he won or lost NOT to put him underpressure.

      I check his handhistory few hours ago, in 1 table only n saw these amazingly shocking play.

      Call big bet with J6o, n call bet on flop with nothing!
      Reraise all in after a big raise with his 34o Vs AA!

      So, i dont bother looking on his other handhistory. I just wanna rang him up n say "You Stupid! I told you to be patient n dont play with crappy hands!!!"

      1. So next time how do i say You stupid in a polite manner?
      2. Do i need to discourage him to deposit his own money?
      3. If he still wanna play real money, how do u advise your own friend?
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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      You dont!
      You have to mentor people like this if you dont want them to go broke, simple as that. Remember these guys may never hav egambled before except say in cionflip for a laugh, so they may not understand anything.

      You must kkep looking over their shoulder all the time and explain everything in very simple terms to them.
      USE THIS SITE!!!!!!!
      gl with that one and get them to look at the articles for beginners on here. Download the starting hnad charts and do not let them play anything else in any position! Damn I hate to see people goin gbroke when there is so much free money out there! BE CAREFUL! SLOW TAKE YOUR TIME!!

      and good luck as well. :heart: :heart:
    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      thanks for your suggestions gadget! :f_love:


      first of all, i think it's really nice that you've managed to form yourself a little poker crew :D i would loove to have rl poker friends too! there's bound to be speedbumps along the way, especially at the beginning, and if they never make mistakes, they never learn! plenty of members here have gone broke with their starting capital, yet eventually succeeded to become good players with a lot of hard work and determination. they need to be somewhat serious at learning though. if not, they will just gamble it away for fun.

      if they are serious about learning, why don't you have them read articles at this site? esp the BRM ones and the starting charts? not sure if i remember correctly, but is it a language barrier? they can't speak english? maybe google translate will work, i don't know. but i think it will really help if they could get a little knowledge about the game. they seem to be very inexperienced, so you will need to be very patient. believe me, i must have seen hundreds of threads like these, newbies going broke all the time due to their lack of discipline and experience. it's gonna happen.

      another tip, why don't you have them register on free 50 sites which have automatic bankroll protection? then, they wouldn't be able to play higher limits that they can't afford. Ipoker and Party Poker has them i think.

      i hope other members can have suggestions too.

      good luck with this and let us know how everyone is doing!

    • Justin37
      Joined: 25.07.2009 Posts: 445
      TQ for the respond, 1st of all

      1. I did taught them the basic of playing what kind of hand to play, BRM, n so on so on. Under my supervision they play like i used to tell them. They play tight n with premium hand only folding AT AJ at early pos.

      2. Without my supervision he played like a crap

      Just talk with him few mins ago , n he said he played tight n follow all my guidelines, but the hand history above tell me different story.

      Tomorrow gonna meet him n i dont know what kind word i have to use since he clearly played like a crap. Honestly calling raise with J6, call flop with nothing, reraise all big bet with 34o? This is the remedy going to bankrap.

      Well, i may encourage him to play freeroll get back the money. + showing my bankroll to him again as a motivation!