"Cannot contact gaming server"

    • wolfger
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      Everytime I try to create an account this message pops up. Tried reinstalling after clearing out cookies, nothing. Waiting for a reply from 770 support. Suggestions?
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    • support770
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      Hello wolfger,

      The technical issue you described up above is most probably due to a slow internet connection.

      In order to solve it, please try to:

      - Make sure that your broadband router is set correctly. Correctly means that they are consistent with the manufacturer's and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) recommendations.

      - While playing on our gaming platform check that all downloading software you normally use, are turned off.

      - If you are using a wireless connection, first of all, make sure that it is password protected and should there be a second person connected to the internet at the same time you are, again, make sure that this person is not downloading any files. Also, wireless connections may perform poorly due to signal interference, which requires computers to continually resend messages to overcome signal issues. Even your eighbors' wireless networks can interfere with your computer o avoid slow Internet connections due to signal interference, reposition your router for better performance and change your Wi-Fi channel number.

      - The cause for your issue may also be an internet worm. An Internet worm is a malicious software program that spreads through computer networks. If any of your computers are infected by an Internet worm, they may begin spontaneously generating network traffic without your knowledge, causing your Internet connection to appear slow. Run antivirus software regularly to diagnose and remove these worms from your computers.

      - But internet speed ultimately depends on your internet provider. Therefore, please heck your internet connection speed when this sort of inconveniences appear and contact your Internet Provider for more information.

      In the end, do keep in mind that while playing on a gambling platform, it would be recommended for the players to use a wired connection, instead of a wireless one.

      Taking advantage of this opportunity, we care to remind you that our software also has an online flash version that you can easily access by following the link below:


      For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Poker770 Team at support@poker770.co.uk.


    • londonsystem
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      I believe the above answer is the most accurate and extensive one.

      I had the problem often over wi-fi connection. I ended up upgrading the router for a better one, and it worked for me. And I have hi-speed connection. I found it happens more on cable, not DSL, at least in my case.

      Try to connect it directly to modem, if you're using a router.

      One thing I wish to i-poker is to handle reconnection better. When I lose wi-fi connection during a session I logged both poker stars and i-poker, poker starts client could re-connect to the tables when the connection is back in 10-20 seconds, or even I 'repair' (recyle the dhcp), it could reconnect, but i-poker client should be cancelled and restarted. And i-poker client is really slow to reconnect to the tables.
    • worachatscc
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      error connection it slow loading software. What should I do ?