party poker, you must be joking

    • Melissaash
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      $11 pokerfest 4k guarantee
      started at 7:30 gmt
      4:30 am we reach the final table

      message comes up in chat, we are rebooting servers please wait in the lobby
      table closes clock still running in the lobby
      over an hour later and party is still down

      now what the fook do they think they are doing, its 2011 and they are a multi millions company, this is such bad form its laughable

      party poker you suck, my funds will be withdrawn tomorrow and i will never play with you again

      full stop
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    • XxMatadorExX
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      That's real Shitty! And i see this happening to many players, all of the sudden the server just goes down! I've never played there, but have friends that have experienced these kind of things, it's just gay. Unfortunately, i cannot play @Party, due to country restriction (Only Poker Room that does not accept my country), but i don't think I'm missing that much! I would definitely go nuts if this shit happens to me!

      Anyways, i hope you get back to the final table the way you left it!! And hopefully you are not the only one experiencing this! Otherwise it will be HORRIBLE! BUT I MEAAN NASTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :f_o:
    • MatejM47
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      Yeah Party has been having some major problems last couple of days. Real anoying, especially if you play MTTs.
    • acerbikas
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      They should definitely try to bring their servers back up and improve them, instead of just pausing every single game and cancelling most of them. Yesterday even before the shenanigans started I noticed they had paused a 16:30 2$ MTT with 2 players left battling it out for 310$~ while the other tourneys ran smoothly.

      Now I do know they had a bunch of standard tourneys cancelled till 7 am (some satellite MTTs were available, but there were no standard tourneys present in the lobby) so I expect it had something to do with a planned downtime, even if the timing was completely off.