overpair vs trips

    • modeco
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      Hi, poker experts and insiders ;)

      Wanted to share with my todays bad expierence which costed me the life of the tournament (wasnt very far from payouts and final table). So this is what happened (i've highlighted the main action):

      Seat 1: 8SqueakyBumTime8 - 8,800
      Seat 2: kingsking2011 - 13,150
      Seat 3: pitei73 - 28,973
      Seat 4: Natteguden - 25,018
      Seat 5: modeco - 18,453
      Seat 6: portiiajayne - 45,643
      Seat 8: mariaric - 19,755
      Seat 10: emmasophie333 - 19,012
      Moving Button to seat 2
      pitei73 posts small blind (300)
      Natteguden posts big blind (600)

      Dealing [J h][J d] to modeco
      modeco raises to 1,500

      portiiajayne folds
      mariaric folds
      emmasophie333 calls 1,500
      8SqueakyBumTime8 folds
      kingsking2011 folds
      pitei73 folds
      Natteguden calls 1,500
      Pot sizes: 5,400
      Dealing Flop [6 c][9 c][7 d]
      Natteguden checks
      modeco bets 3,600
      emmasophie333 calls 3,600
      Natteguden folds

      Pot sizes: 12,600
      Dealing Turn [9 h]
      modeco checks
      emmasophie333 bets 8,400
      modeco raises to 13,278 (all-in)
      emmasophie333 calls 13,278

      Pot sizes: 39,156
      modeco shows [J h][J d]
      emmasophie333 shows [A s][9 d]
      Dealing River [K h]
      Pot sizes: 39,156
      modeco has Two Pairs: Jacks, 9s
      emmasophie333 has Three of a Kind: 9s

      emmasophie333 wins 39,156 with: Three of a Kind: 9s
      End of Hand #1894757635

      Would be nice if someone could give his oppinion on - did I do somethin wrong? Or should I consider this just a bad luck and next time play the same way? Or maybe did I have to fold preflop considering my position and the fact that buuble is not far away? Did I have to fold after emmasophie333 bets 8,400 after turn? Maybe go all-in preflop or postflop??
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    • IngridN
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      Hi modeco,

      I've moved your thread into the correct board :)

    • EuanM
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      Hey modeco,

      Thanks for sharing your hand. A most unfortunate one.

      I'm not terribly familiar with MTT hands, but I'll chime in anyway.

      Did you have a plan for this hand?
      What kind of range are you putting him on when he calls you pre-flop & on the flop?

      I think he's calling you with an overpair & if he hit the board in this spot. So if the board pairs, I would consider taking a less aggressive line.

      Why did you check-raise all in when the board pairs?

      All in all, it is just a bit unlucky I guess, I don't see anything terribly wrong with the hand, I'll see if I can get some MTT guys in here to answer you more in-depth. :f_biggrin:

      All the best,

    • KozakFB
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      His call on the flop suggests that he has either a straight draw, top pair or has an overpair.

      His turn bet seems to suggest hes not on a draw and I would definitely have folded that deep into the tourney after some frustrating considerations and berating myself :(
    • Justin37
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      well in MTT u wanna be top3 coz that is where the real money is.

      So, i prefer go all in preflop, if i lose then so be it, but if u win, u will have a massive chips which will secure u a great $$$
    • modeco
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      Thanks to all of you 4 your answers.

      Its not like I had a strict plan on that hand. In fact I almost never do have one. I even didnt put him on on any range when he called me pre-flop & on the flop. I was ready to go all-in as long as I dont see a higher commodity card than Jack, because it is in some way like Justin37 said - in MTT u want to get high, lol ;)

      On the other hand seems that I should invent the way of thinking in my playing style like EuanM and KozakFB described. Because after he had called my postflop raise and made bet after the turn (which indeed turned everything upside down), it seams obvious that he's strong. The all-in was useless. Should have folded - would have lost about 30% of my stack, but still be in the game. Seems like stupid beginners mistake - fell in love with my hand and the chips i've put in the pot.

      Again - thanks 4 your help detecting my mistake. Hope the next time i'll be more accurate.
    • KozakFB
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      Pushing on flop isn't a great idea btw. He can put you on A/K which he knows hes beating with A/9.

      Pushing pre is bad too because he might just like his A/9 and come along for the ride.. (there are people like this).
    • Jan217
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      Originally posted by KozakFB
      Pushing on flop isn't a great idea btw. He can put you on A/K which he knows hes beating with A/9.

      Pushing pre is bad too because he might just like his A/9 and come along for the ride.. (there are people like this).
      Heh? but you want him to call with A9 on the flop, and you wouldnt mind him calling with A9 preflop either, you crush him with JJ in both cases....

      not that pushing pre is the best idea with 30bb.

      Honestly you might find a hero fold on that turn if you have some reads on him that he slow plays AA/KK pre or plays really straight forward postflop, but generally its really hard to get away from JJ there and you shouldnt worry too much, just a bad run of cards.

      Folding JJ pre is absolutely not an option, you play tournaments to get into top 3 not just ITM.
    • Justin37
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      If it is micro tournament where bunch of donkey play, there are more players willing to call all in with A9.

      However, for an average to good players, how many willing to call ALL IN preflop with A9 when the money is few spot away?

      I've watched many of the Sunday Million, n the regulars keep making ITM by playing aggresively JJ when the money place is few spot away. Double up n Win $$$ or die!

      How many willing to fold AA here in the same situation?
    • Maniatrix
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      That's trips, not a set...
    • purplefizz
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      it's nice to see you posting hands. it's one of the best ways to learn in my opinion. do you know we have evaluation forums dedicated for this too?
      also next time i suggest using a converter so that it will be easier to read. here's an excerpt from our hand evaluation forum rules.

      5. Use a hand converter.

      Nothing is more painstaking and time consuming than trying to piece together the pieces of an unconverted hand. You can use the PokerStrategy.com Hand Converter to convert hands from the most popular poker platforms: PokerStrategy.com Poker Hand Converter

      cheers guys,
    • Heave112
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      I dont see any sets here, change topic name. easy fold on turn.
    • modeco
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      Done. Thanks everyone :) sorry for mixing trips and sets im just a novice ;)