• Nardiss
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      Hello, started to play 0.05 0.10 ct on stars 6 max.Played ~ 30 000 hands and reached almost 12bb/100 .Is it complete heater and my results should go way lower or is it normal ?

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    • phantommm92
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      [x] heater
    • MatejM47
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      Well it might be a heater considering the small sample, but you could just be playing well and getting 12bb winrate on nl10 is more then possible.
    • Maniatrix
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      It's nl10 so it's not unrealistic to beet it at this winrate but most likely a heater. I had an initial heater myself as I started on Stars in july on nl10 and then on nl25 until the longer break even period came.
    • luizsilveira
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      Regardless of heater or not you have the following choiced:

      1- Treat it as a heater and continue improving your game. When a downswing hit (and it will) you will not feel that much as your game will be good and you didn't have too high expectations anyway.

      2 - Treat it as you're a really good player who can sustain such a winrate at NL10. What will happen is you will move up real quick and the downswing will eventually fall when you make a move up so your bankroll will suffer twice as hard. You will come back to NL10 half tilted and frustrated because you are sure you can beat the next limits but variance is now against you, and with that mindset you will likely not even be a winner at NL10 any more.

      (yes, I know people who went quickly from NL2 to NL100 to busto and now can't even beat NL5 any more).

      But as long as my opinion goes, yes, it's a heater. Enjoy but don't think you're the next durr or quit your job to become a pro.
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Does it really matter? If you have BR move up. If it's not a "should i move up?" thread, then again does it matter? Just keep playing...
    • Maniatrix
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      He can probably make the move to nl25 without that being catastrophic. Only at nl50 will the games start getting tougher.