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[NL2-NL10] NL2 (two hands)

    • tardytojas
      Joined: 19.03.2009 Posts: 22
      Hello again,
      Today i have two hands to discuss (6 handed). It will be against the same opponent. (I hope it's ok to post all hands in one thread?).

      So, my oponent is:
      VPIP - 48
      Preflop raise - 6
      3bet - 0
      aggression 2.1
      only 31 hands so not much info.

      Hand No. 1

      Hero ($4.75)
      BB ($5.71)
      UTG ($4.97)
      UTG+1 ($5.03)
      CO ($1.54)
      BTN ($1.88)

      Dealt to Hero 9:diamond: Q:heart:

      fold, UTG+1 calls $0.02, CO calls $0.02, fold, Hero calls $0.01, BB checks

      FLOP ($0.08) 6:spade: 9:heart: 4:spade:

      Hero bets $0.08, BB folds, UTG+1 calls $0.08, CO folds

      TURN ($0.24) 6:spade: 9:heart: 4:spade: Q:spade:

      Hero bets $0.18, UTG+1 raises to $0.36, Hero calls $0.18

      RIVER ($0.96) 6:spade: 9:heart: 4:spade: Q:spade: K:diamond:

      Hero checks, UTG+1 bets $0.56, Hero folds

      UTG+1 wins $0.90

      On the trun my idea was, that he made his flush, so i called only because he minraised and we was still deep, so tryed to catch my FH. River seemed to me like value bet from him, so i folded.

      Hand No2 (same opponent)

      NL Holdem $0.02(BB) Replayer
      SB ($5.64)
      BB ($1.52)
      UTG ($2)
      Hero ($4.32)
      CO ($5.68)
      BTN ($4.94)

      Dealt to Hero A:club: Q:spade:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.08, fold, fold, SB calls $0.07, fold

      FLOP ($0.18) 5:club: 5:diamond: Q:diamond:

      SB bets $0.24, Hero raises to $0.67, SB raises to $5.56 (AI), Hero calls $3.57 (AI)

      TURN ($8.66) 5:club: 5:diamond: Q:diamond: 8:spade:

      RIVER ($8.66) 5:club: 5:diamond: Q:diamond: 8:spade: 7:heart:

      SB shows 5:spade: 4:diamond:
      (Pre 37%, Flop 91.1%, Turn 95.5%)

      Hero shows A:club: Q:spade:
      (Pre 63%, Flop 8.9%, Turn 4.5%)

      SB wins $8.09

      So, villian looked fishy to me, i gave him range of all flush draws, QT+, 5x. In this case against this opponent I expected most from him to see KQ, AQ or Adxd, and only then 5x. And that cost me more than 4 pounds (it was pounds (: ). So, my question is:
      Should allways my first idea should be 5x and it's 100% fold here? Or there are opponents where call would be profitable and what stats and aggression factor that "profitable" opponent should have?

      Thank you.
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    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello tardytojas,

      Would be nice if you posted one hand per thread. :) So we could concentrate on the one hand and don't have that much scrolling up and down to write the evaluation. Thanks!

      Hand #1
      Fold it on turn, while even the FD completed there is no point to fight over a freeplay pot.

      Hand #2
      You overplayed your TP, while he even donk-overbets it I'd just Call and reevaluate it on further streets. Going broke for 200BB is just horrible here. :( He most likely will have the 5x and worse hand will have hard time to continue.

      Best Regards.