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    • RDKNAUF91
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      Originally posted by RDKNAUF91
      Is someone (probably is) read all articles What is here about omaha.

      So how usefull do you find them , what limits do you play and how comfortable you feel in them.

      BEst Regards :f_biggrin:
      I think no one understood my question :D

      I mean for example : I read all articles and understand all of them and I know how to use them on table. WHIch levels i should feel comfortable to beat.

      Or with my theoretical knowledge I would feel good at PL50???

      English is not my NAtive language :rolleyes:
    • Waiboy
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      Hey RDKNAUF91

      It's impossible to be confident of beating any limit on the basis of reading articles. This is because PLO is such a multifaceted game that you can't be given any kind of guarantee. What I can say is that you will get a good introduction to the concepts of PLO.

      After that, improvement comes from playing lots, posting loads of hands for evaluation and analysing your equity through programs like

      Hope this helps.