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Reraising UTG with KK

    • roshe40
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 42
      I read the post about how to post your hands here, but being from the punch card gerneration, I am not that confident in the cutting and pasting process. So please let me know if the archaic form of hand presentation is acceptable or not. I would sure still like to utilize this invaluabe tool for improvement.

      In any event, I was dealt KK in UTG +1 seat early in a $10 FT SNG. The blinds were 30/60. The UTG player made it 180 to go. We both had about 1400 stacks. I reraised to 680 - aiming for between 3 and 4 times his raise. I felt this raise was large enough to fold the rest of the field and put the UTG raiser to a tough decision.

      However, the Button called my 680 bet!! He was a loose player who had recently doubled up by flopping a nut straight and getting paid off. So his stack was almost 3000. The UTG player called this bet and we saw the flop 3 way - not AT ALL what I expected. Suddenly I faced playing this hand multiway, out of position against the chip leader, with 2130 already in the pot.

      The flop came A J 10 (suits not relevant). Not a good flop with the Ace on board, but I felt my reraise preflop had virtually pot committed me and I had made the decision preflop to push regardless of the flop. So after the UTG player checked, I pushed and was called by both players!! The UTG player had QQ and the Button had KQ off for the nut straight!!! The turn and river brought blanks and the very lucky and completely dominated Button raked in a huge pot, sending both me and the UTG player to the rail.

      The suckout was obviously brutual, but my concerns with my play in this hand are twofold:

      1) Should I have pushed allin or reraised a slightly smaller amount so as to not pot commit myself? I would think that I should be happy to get as much money in the pot preflop as I can with this hand. The allin move seems like an overbet and a smaller reraise might invite even more players to gamble based on pot odds.

      2) In light of getting two preflop calls, was there any realistic way I could reconsider pushing on the flop in light of the Ace falling? I would have still been left with 15 BB at a relative early juncture of this SNG, but I felt I needed to follow through on my preflop decision to push. The pot odds were very good by this stage in the hand. Maybe my tournament equity should have been a more important consideration in this case.

      THe way I have been playing premium hands in early position in the middle stages of SNGs seems to be a leak in my game right now. Any advice would by greatly appreciated please and thank you.
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    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      i raise to 540 preflop, although your raise isn't bad, adding extra value for horrible villain calls, and deterring further action down the line.

      i shove the rest of my stack in postflop 3-way if UTG checks (and i fold if he bets) with hopefully 6 outs if someone caught the ace.

      otherwise, it's hard to get away from.

      you should always play something like that, don't worry if button calls you. you gain a lot in the longrun from bad calls like that.

      must say, you're lucky this happened to you early on in MTT rather than 3 hr later on the bubble ;)
    • Sicilianpimp
      Joined: 26.02.2008 Posts: 83
      you did ok. even if one of them had the ace your still getting the right price here. because normally you would still have 6 outs (k k q q q q) sometimes you just get a bad beat. Hell a few months ago I had strait flush against strait flush, yeah I lost, but its just how the cards come, gotta roll with the punches ya know? :)
    • AaronJello
      Joined: 26.02.2008 Posts: 12
      just got my KK beat readin this post, figures LOL, KK same position as you, raise 4x the blind 400 chips, reraised all in by a stack with 200 chips more than me, no read on the player yet, so I call it, his QT :heart: busts me hittin 2 pair lol,

      but thanks to online poker I can make a little "All in QTs" note next to his name, so if and when I play him again I'll know the donk a little better, AND lol stayed and watched him loose my chip all in reraisin with A6 :spade: loosin my chips just like that hahahaha, made me smile :tongue: