- 34 people (top 3 paid)
- rebuy tourney for charity (rebuys went to charity)
- me and another guy were left and we chopped 50/50 after the third guy busted

I almost didn't even make it. 1 hour before the tourney started, my son acted out of character and seemed really sick, so we took him to emergency. In my mind, I wasn't going to the tourney. As soon as he got into the hospital (he's 2) it was like he was touched with a healing stick and was suddenly feeling great. So my wife and I are standing there feeling like tools. Eventually, my wife told me to just go, and that she would get him seen anyways just because we were already there. I initially said no, but after he started laughing and swinging from the chairs and having a grand old time, I went. (He ended up totally fine. In fact, the doctor didn't even check him, he was THAT fine)

(Side note... He was SO fine, that after I left an old guy came in having trouble breathing. My son proceeded to imitate his cough and laugh continuously. I'm so embarrassed and I wasn't even there!)

Also, there was one hand in the middle stages before the final table that almost had me going home. What happened was I had QQ, another guy had TT and another guy had another pocket pair I can't remember. The flop was good for me and I had a short stack so I shoved after the TT checked. The other guy was all in already so TT called me. The guy with the TT had spiked a set and I thought I was going home when I didn't see a Q on the turn and river. The cards were almost about to get smooshed when my father in law, who had busted out but stayed behind to watch, pointed out what NOBODY else had noticed, namely, that there was a straight on the board and so it was a three way split. I had my coat on, getting ready to leave!

Well, I feel pretty good and I had a lot of fun. And someone definitely watched over me this night.