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Elements of Poker

    • Foxxxen
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 3,428
      has anyone read "Elements of Poker " by Tommy Angelo?

      It is supposed to be really good, and different from other poker books, taking a more abstract approach to the game.

      Would be good to hear what you guys think, though.
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    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      I`ve read couple of chapters and its mainly about brick&mortar games, mixed with his life story) I didn`t feel like buying it... but you can google it and check some chapters.
    • AdrienD
      Joined: 18.07.2008 Posts: 22
      I have it (signed copy! =D) and read it its not at all about his life-story or only B&M.

      There is a chapter on online poker, live poker, NLH, Limit HE and tournaments.
      The tournaments chapter I didn't find that impressive but thats probably because I had just read "tournament poker for advanced players" before this one :p

      What is really interesting is how he has analyzed poker.
      He starts off talking about reciprocality and how it is the cause of profit at the poker table.
      reciprocality is anything that you do that your opponent(s) don't or anything you don't do that your opponents do.
      He says that when you both do the same thing there is no flow in money, nobody wins anything.
      Say both you and your opponent would never fold KK preflop then when you have AA and get it in against him having KK you theoretically didn't win anything because you would do the same thing.

      This is actually very important because it shows how ANYTHING you do different than your opponent can make money flow between. (eating habits, quitting, tilt management, having a better bed to sleep in, doing sports, being less often distracted, etc.)

      Also he doesn't really focus on improving your best game (A-game, this is when you play your best) because you often WON'T play your A-game and you will tilt or not play optimally very often. So if you can play better than others when you are playing YOUR WORST, you win.

      for example take 2 players, one is John and other is Frank.

      John is unbeatable when he plays his A-Game. He will win against everyone and will win 10PTBB/100 against the second best when he plays his A-Game, the problem is he plays 7 days a week but only plays his A-Game 2 days a week on average and when he isn't on his A-Game he loses -3BB/100 on average.

      Frank on the other hand is a beginner and marginal winner for 1BB/100 and when he is tilt loses -1.5BB/100, but almost only plays when he is at his best and well rested, he also knows when he is tilt and can quit within the hour.

      as you can see Frank would show up a winner in the long run while John would lose even though he has way better knowledge of the game and plays better.

      All the poker books try to get you to play better but this is the only one I found that tries to make you play less bad and that is why I think everyone should have at least read this book once!

      on a side note, Tommy Angelo also has a website with alot of articles (including parts from his book):

      you should definitely check out these: