Hello, I want to do a statistical study to know the exact minimum number of SNGs/MTTs played to be sure the ROI is significant (for example: with 10 SNGs played the ROI isn't significant, but maybe with 10k SNGs played it's significant. What I want to know is that exact number). For those who have curiousity, I'm going to do the T Test (because the average profit and variance are estimated) for this.

You only need to do 2 simple steps for this:

1st - Show stats on Holdem Manager

I need you to show me these 3 stats:
- Number of games played
- Standard deviation in big blinds
- Net USD Won

How to see this in Holdem Manager:
1) Go to Tourney > Reports
2) Click on the '+' button under the stats
3) In the 'Default Stats' part, pressing CTRL, select 'Standard Deviation big blinds' and 'Net USD Won' and click 'Save'

Then they're gonna appear on the stats (those 2 above will appear on the far right)

2nd - Filter to only 1 kind of game

Then I need you to do a filter for:
- No Limit
- Number of players
- Buyin

Filter for:
- 45 players
- 180 players
- 300 to 500 players
- 500 to 700 players
- 700 to 1000 players

How to do the filters:
In Tourney > Reports, go to Filter > Edit. Leave only 'No Limit' selected (on the top left), and in front of '# Players' put the numbers I said above (depending on those you play of course).
Still on the filter, put the buyin values for each you play. For example if you play $11 SNGs, put the buyin from 10 to 12 to only filter that type of game.

  • For each filter, tell me the 3 numbers please, and specify what type of game it is (ex: SNG 10-Man, MTT 300-500 Man, etc) and the buy-in.

Thanks a lot for the effort. I promise I'll show the results of my study here, for PokerStrategy's community benefit :)