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      I just read the article about table selection of sizzlinbetta and i have some questions.In the article the author claims that we need players to have an average -11% roi for us to start making money in sngs.I play on ongame network and unfortunately the structure is 70/30.Lets say i must table select in order to have some profits.Ongame has 5 max so we need a sum of -46% roi
      in order to be a little bit profitable

      22$ sngs 10$ rake 10$/4 people=2.5$/person, 2.5$/22$ of the tourney=11.5% roi so we need to have 4 people with -11.5% roi so -46% roi in total

      even if we join a game with these 4 persons


      the three players will be loosing 2.2$/tour and the winning player will be earn 1.1$/tour
      so (3*-2.2)+1.1=-5.5 the rake is 10$ and the players are loosing 5.5$ so we are loosing 4.5$/tour.Am i wrong in my conclusion that even if we have 3 -10% roi players it is unprofitable to join this game because we are loosing 4.5$/tour if we are a breakeven player or i made any mistake in my calculations?
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