You wouldnt belive this!

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      **** YOU POKER STRATEGY...


      After getting ****** in the ass by ******-ass variance on party-poker, and getting back to 50$.

      But when I say bloody variance,i mean not being able to win a single pot for two days, then cashing out about 11/13 SNGs and then not being to able to win a single ******* pot for 4 days in a row...NOT A SINGLE *******POT....Even when I get a playable hand,guess what,its a bad ******* beat

      I decided to give up scam-ass online poker and cashout atleast those 50 bucks.But guess what? If you want to cashout, you need to make a deposit with the same method you want to cashout with first...But nvm, I will just tell em to send me a check by fee for that,just like for any other cashout method is 5$ but**** it,ill send it anyway...BUT GUESS WHAT? THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I CAN CASHOUT IS ONLY .06$ FROM SOME *****-ASS BONUS....SO THOSE 50$ THEY GAVE ME WASNT EVEN REAL MONEY ITS JUST SOMETHING YOU CAN PLAY(i mean play as a maniac hoping you will win something someday) WITH TO WIN **** SO THEY CAN HAVE THEIR BLOODY TOURNAMENT FEES AND SHARE IT WITH POKERSTRATEGY....

      SO **** YOU *******
      **** YOU
      **** PARTYPOKER
      **** ONLINE POKER

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      So...How was your day?
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      Pusi ga care...
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      A jebi ga...kad si glup si glup.

      If you read terms of free $50, you'd know you need to rake some amount if you want to cash out. So I really wonder...who's the retard here? :f_confused:
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      Hi BidBagBig,

      From what I can understand, you have passed the quiz, received the free starting capital, suffered from bad beats etc. and wanted to cash out?

      The free $50 are there for you to learn poker and to protect against scams there are some restriction on withdrawal before you play a certain amount is a Poker School. If you look at our business model, you will understand why we are able to benefit members with a free starting capital. It doesn't make sense for us to just credit you with $50 and not expect you to do something in return.

      Here are the requirements to cash out the free $50 starting capital at Party Poker:

      • To cash-out the Free50 and/or winnings the user has to gather 100 PartyPoints first (basic poker points, any promotional points shouldn't be considered).

      • Time limit to gather 100 PartyPoints to keep the Free50 is 150 days.

      I am going to close this thread also because it has already turned into a flame fest.

      May I remind our members that flaming of this nature is not tolerated. If you are unsure of our forum principles here is a link to refresh you all.

      Have a nice evening guys,