Selling PLay money

    • RDKNAUF91
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      Does someone know how to sell play money chips in POKERSTARS??

      I read somewhere that you can sell 1mil play chips for 6$.
      Link removed pending clarification - EagleStar88

      I mean if someone is played in High stakes play money tables you now how its easy to win 1mil

      IF its true you can make pretty decent money here :f_biggrin:
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    • keoghh
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      thought it was against the rules?
    • Quadzzzzzzz
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      Against the rules I think bro!
    • RDKNAUF91
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      Originally posted by keoghh
      thought it was against the rules?
      I heard it somewhere to ,but...... :f_confused:

      I know one guy who solded 100mil for 400$ Very nice profit for 5~10days playing. :)
      From a start he buyed 1mill and grinded it up....

      I think it's worth a try

    • EagleStar88
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      Hi RDKNAUF91,

      I must admit I too think it's against PokerStars T's & C's too and so we cannot allow discussion on this to continue. I'm sure you will understand.

      I would suggest double checking with PokerStars themselves but irrespective of your findings, I would express caution at any activity involving financial transactions with unknown persons. Keep yourself, your money and your personal data safe at all times.

      In our experience it's much better to use your expertise and the knowledge available to you here on to develop your real money poker rather than spend time accumulating play money.

      With best regards,